P22/3164 - Sorrento Cinema

Sorrento Cinema.png

Planning Application P22/3164 proposes external alterations and building works to Sorrento Cinema at 36 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento. 


Stage 1             Application lodged (22 December 2022)
Stage 2             Section 54 request (24 January 2023)
Stage 3             Application amended (13 April 2023)
Stage 4             Advertising starts (19 June 2023)
Stage 5             Advertising finishes (3 July 2023)

Stage 6             Assessment (TBD)
Stage 7             Determination (TBD)

What are the current planning controls on the land?

  • Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z)
  • Design and Development Overlay, Schedule 28 (DDO28)
  • Heritage Overlay, Schedule 408 (HO408)

What are the planning permit triggers for this application?

The advertised plans for buildings and works at the above address are assessed by Council under the Commercial 1 Zone and the Design and Development Overlay Schedule 28.

A planning permit is not triggered under the applicable Heritage Overlay, Schedule 408 (HO408) (see below for further commentary).

Is the Heritage Overlay a planning permit trigger for this application?

The former Athenaeum Theatre building is within the Heritage Overlay, Schedule 408 (HO408). However, this heritage place is also included within the Victorian Heritage Register (Reference No. H2227). Pursuant to the HO408, a planning permit is not required to develop a place (building and works including internal works and demolition,) which is included in the Victorian Heritage Register. The Heritage Overlay is not part of the assessment of this planning permit application and is a separate heritage permit process assessed by Heritage Victoria. Please refer to the Planning Submission for further detail.

Visit the Heritage Victoria website for more information.

Advertised documents

You can download the documents below:

Download: Building Alterations and Works(PDF, 8MB)
Downlaod: Heritage Letter(PDF, 13MB)
Download: Planning Submission(PDF, 3MB)

Submissions / Objections

Objections should be received by the date on the Public Notice to ensure their consideration by Council. An objection should directly relate to the use and/or development proposed and its potential impact on you.

Lodge an online planning objection

Alternatively, a copy of the Objection form can be filled in and posted to:
Planning Services
Mornington Peninsula Shire
Private Bag 1000
Rosebud 3939

Download: Objection to Grant a Planning Permit Form

All objectors will receive an acknowledgement in writing confirming their objection has been received.

Privacy Notification: The personal information provided in an objection is collected for planning purposes in accordance with the Planning & Environment Act 1987 (the Act). The public may view an objection in accordance with Section 57 of the Act whilst the planning application is current.

What should I include in my objection?

Please make sure your written objection clearly states:

  • your full name
  • your contact details (address and phone number or email)
  • your reasons for supporting or opposing the amendment
  • any changes you want made to the amendment