Do I need a planning permit?

Planning information brochure If you wish to make changes or additions to buildings or dwellings on your property it is likely that you will need a planning permit.

In some circumstances a planning permit is required for the development of buildings or dwellings and also for the type of use (i.e. commercial, residential, etc.) proposed to be conducted on land.  The removal of vegetation may also require a planning permit.

Want to know more?

The "It's all in the planning" guide has been designed to be a useful working tool for you, to assist with the various statutory and legislative requirements involved with a development project. The guide is aimed to provide a comprehensive summary of all of the relevant approvals that you may need during the various stages of a development, particularly the approval processes that the Shire administers."

Download: Brochure: It's all in the planning

What is the difference between a building permit and a planning permit?

Planning permits and building permits are different. This means that you may need one or both depending on your proposed work.  Generally, planning is concerned with the land – the way it will be used and/or developed, whereas building is concerned with the actual construction – its structure and stability. 

  • Planning permits are legal documents giving permission for a land use or development to occur on a specified parcel of land.
  • Building permits are issued by a registered building surveyor and generally relate only to the construction aspects of a particular building or development.

If you require both permits, you must get the planning permit before applying for the building permit – just because you have a planning permit does not mean that you can start construction without first getting a building permit.

How do I find out about what planning regulations apply to my property?

 Each individual property has a set of planning controls which specify when a planning permit is needed. To find out what controls apply to your property you can:

How do I find out if I need a planning permit?

Before you proceed with any new use or development of your home or land, it is strongly recommended that you contact our Planning Services team on 5950 1010, with the following information, to determine if a permit is required.  Please note that in order to provide accurate advice, we will need the following information:

  • The ultimate development objective (e.g. construct a house, build an office building, subdivide my land, remove a tree)
  • A specific property address

Officers are able to provide preliminary advice over the phone, however if you would like a written response to your enquiry please complete the general enquiry form below (fee of $114 applicable).

In order to get the most accurate advice, it is recommended that you provide the following information:

  • Title, including any restrictive covenants or agreements
  • Relevant plans drawn to scale or with relevant dimensions (site plan, floor plan, elevation plans)
  • A written statement describing the proposal, this may include land use, buildings and works, vegetation removal where relevant.
  • Reference any known previous planning permits for the site

A response will be provided within 10 business days.

Lodge a general enquiry

It also may be necessary to obtain independent advice from a planning consultant.

Will there be other approvals required?

If a planning permit is required for your proposal, there may be other approvals required. Some of these approvals are administered by the Shire, with others administered externally.

For a comprehensive overview of the various approvals which may be required throughout your development project, please see the following link.

Brochure: It's all in the planning(PDF, 440KB)