Awards for Heritage Projects

The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and Mornington Peninsula Shire, are proud to present the Mornington Peninsula Heritage Awards which recognise those in our community who have demonstrated excellence in retention, restoration, enhancement, interpretation, reuse of our heritage places and new work responsive to heritage places.

Our heritage includes public and private places, buildings, gardens and objects. Heritage places are an integral part of the Mornington Peninsula community and the Mornington Peninsula Heritage Awards highlight our commitment to celebrate and promote our heritage.

The aims of the awards are to recognize excellence in heritage conservation and to encourage community awareness of our heritage.  The awards are open to domestic and commercial projects, from both government and non-government sectors.


2018 Awards

The 2018 Awards ceremony was held on 31 August 2018 at the Mornington Peninsula Shire office, Mornington. Amongst the attendees were Hon Greg Hunt, David Morris MP, Martin Dixon MP, Kristin Stegley OAM National Trust Board Chair, Simon Ambrose CEO National Trust of Australia (Victoria), Cr Fraser and Cr Colomb.  

The awards were presented by Judy Walsh, the president of National Trust’s Mornington Peninsula Branch, and were awarded to the following recipients: 

Category: Restoration of a Heritage Place

Award: Victoria Grounds for Ramsay House, 29 Rendelsham Ave, Mount Eliza

The objective of this award is to recognize best practice restoration work that returns fabric back to a known earlier state or conserves integrity. Nominations will be considered that demonstrate application of the Burra Charter including Built form, Landscape, Wetlands, Cemeteries, Monuments or Heritage Gardens.  The winning restoration included extensive research into the original design, built in 1937, to source authentic replacement materials for remedial, structural and conservation works to restore the building to habitable standard from a derelict state. 

Category: Creative Reuse of a Heritage Place

Award:  Rebecca Levy – Briars Manager and Michael Wortley – Antique Brick Expertise -  for the Briars Laundry and the Apple Store 

Extensive structural and conservation works for the restoration of the laundry and apple store.   The objective of this award is to encourage adaptive reuse of a heritage place - a process that changes a disused or redundant place to a different purpose. The awarded projects demonstrate adaptive reuse of a heritage place that have minimal impact on its significance and setting. 

 Award: Steve Hofer – Architect, responsible for restoration procedure, Geoff Morgan – MPS Project Manager and John James Jovan – Building Services for the Briars and Mt Martha House

Completion of stage 4 of the conservation management plan. 

Category: Restoration of a Heritage Place and Specialist Heritage Trade Skills

Award: John Hedley – Apex Roofing and David Watts – owner for Southdean, 7 Frontage Way Mornington

The objective of this award is to recognize tradespersons who work using specialist skills, traditional methods and craftsmanship to a very high standard. The award is for Replacement of existing low pitch slate roof using Canadian slate to ensure a match close to original. 

Award: Sonya Bunting & Ian Hamilton – owners and Dave Thomas – plastering for Mossgiel, 28 Bath Street Mornington

The award is for extensive restoration using best practice and meticulous attention to detail in the conservation of the 1890s house.  

Category: Creative Re-use of a Heritage Place

Award: Lions Club of McCrae (Colin Blythe – President) for McCrae Lighthouse, Visual Display

The award is for successful installation of a computerised lighting system enabling the decommissioned 1854 lighthouse to a new and popular community use.  

Category: Conservation of a Heritage Place

Award: Philip Jensen – Save Tootgarook Swamp

Excellence in ongoing preservation and conservation works throughout the wetlands in Capel Sound.  

Award: Rotary Club of Mount Eliza (Malcolm Hull & Hanne Falkiner) for Re-vegetation of Leash Free Area at John Butler Reserve, Mount Eliza

Successful revegetation program to install advance size trees and tube stock shrubs to enhance depleted areas of the reserve in Mount Eliza.  

Category: Excellence in Interpretive Signage

Award: Ranelagh Residents Association – Signage and seating throughout estate

The objective of this award is to recognize Interpretive Signage of a high quality that acknowledges a person or place that has contributed to the Heritage of the Mornington Peninsula. Provision of seating and signage helps portraying historical information relevant to the development of the Ranelagh estate.  

Category: Individual Award

Award: Paul Pingiaro for Mornington Boat Hire

The award is for contribution to the continuation of a traditional historic service to the Mornington district.