Vehicle Crossings

A vehicle crossing is the portion of a property’s driveway located between the edge of the road and the property boundary. Permits are required to install vehicle crossings to ensure that required construction standards are met and reinstatement of surrounding assets are undertaken in accordance with set requirements.

Permit to Construct a Vehicle Crossing

A permit is required for all new vehicle crossings, extensions, alterations and/or removal of existing vehicle crossings.

Application Information Requirements:

Information that must be submitted includes a site plan indicating location of:

  • All existing features including footpath, kerb and roadway details, vehicle crossings, service utility assets, drainage pits, trees and street furniture
  • The proposed vehicle crossing works
  • Relevant dimensions of the proposed vehicle crossing and offset from side property boundaries
  • Proposed construction material
  • Details of works period and contractor engaged to undertake the works

How do I apply? 

Apply and pay online 

The prescribed fee for a permit to install, modify or remove a vehicle crossing current as at 1st July 2018 is $152.00

Once an application form has been lodged with the Shire and the prescribed fee paid, a Shire Officer will respond to the application by means of issuing a permit along with any accompanying information or conditions.

Applications will not be considered until payment has been received.

Planning & Design Considerations

Factors that must be considered when planning to install a new vehicle crossing;

  • Cross grade batter to eliminate trip hazards
  • Location of service utility assets, in particular, power transmission poles
  • Location of existing street trees or significant vegetation
  • Location of stormwater drainage pits
  • Gradient profile to ensure vehicles don’t scrape or ‘bottom out’
  • Sufficient grade to prevent entry or surcharge by street storm water
  • Vehicle turning manoeuvres                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Vehicle Crossings on VicRoads Declared Main Roads

Where a new vehicle crossing is proposed to be constructed accessing a VicRoads declared main road, a planning permit will be required before any works can commence.

As part of the planning permit referral process, VicRoads will set conditions on the planning permit, generally relating to the physical layout of the vehicle crossings.

Once a planning permit has been issued for the vehicle crossing, a permit to construct a vehicle crossing will be required from the Shire as described above which will then consider all conditions set on the planning permit.

For more information about planning permits, please visit our Planning section. 

Construction Standards

The Shire has specifications and standard drawings relevant to the construction of vehicle crossings. To view these specifications, please visit our Civil Engineering Standard Drawings section.