St Andrews Beach Roads

Proposed St Andrews Beach Roads Project

The roads in St Andrews Beach were originally constructed by a developer in the 1950s. No drainage system was constructed and, at that time, Victorian councils did not have the power to require developers to build certain roads to Council’s standards. The lack of drainage and the substandard road construction means that many of the roads in St Andrews Beach are approaching a point at which they cannot be maintained any longer.

To improve localised flooding issues and keep the roads in a sealed and safe state, an upgrade project is proposed for feedback from the St Andrews Beach community.

Community consultation

Residents of St Andrews Beach were invited to consultation sessions in early September to discuss the drainage and road upgrade project proposal. At the meetings a concept plan and cost estimate for the proposed project was on display and Mornington Peninsula Shire officers were available to answer questions and take feedback on the proposal.

The concept plan and cost estimate presented at the consultation sessions is now available to download. Further information, such as the consultation presentation and more frequently asked question responses (FAQ), will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

Community survey

The Shire is conducting a formal postal/online survey of property owners to understand the community's views on this proposal. The results of the survey will be presented to an open Council meeting. All property owners will be informed of the survey results and Council's decision on whether or not to progress the proposal. If the project is to continue, there will be further opportunities for consultation and feedback from the community.

Watch the video and complete they survey:

Complete the St Andrews Beach Roads Proposal property owner survey online.

Download: St Andrews Beach Roads Proposal construction options fact sheet(PDF, 230KB)


St Andrews Beach Roads - consultation feedback(PDF, 1019KB)

St Andrews Beach Roads Concept Plan(PDF, 11MB)

St Andrews Beach Roads proposal updated draft apportionment of costs(PDF, 1MB)

St Andrews Beach Roads proposal - FAQ(PDF, 537KB)

Special Charge Schemes Policy for Infrastructure Works(PDF, 980KB)


If you have any questions regarding this proposal, please either call 5950 1303 or email