Road Opening Permit

Utility/Non-utility minor works in road reserves such as drainage or domestic service connections, or other works that involve the installation of structures in a road reserve or the excavation of a nature strip, footpath or roadway will require a permit.

Permit to Undertake Utility/Non-Utility Minor Works

A permit to undertake utility/non-utility minor works in road reserves (also known as a road opening permit) is required for certain works to be undertaken within a road, footpath or nature strip.

Such works may include:

  • Drainage connections
  • Domestic service tappings
  • Excavation and underground boring
  • Installation of minor structures
  • Service connections

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The prescribed fees to undertake works in a road reserve:  
Details of Works Prescribed Fee as at 1st July 2018  
Minor works within a road reserve $66.00 
Works on a road reserve affecting greater than eight square metres of road, shoulder or pathway  $152.00 

Once an application form has been lodged with the Shire and the prescribed fee paid, a Shire Officer will respond to the application by means of issuing a permit along with any accompanying information or conditions.

Applications will not be considered until payment has been received.

Application Information Requirements:

Supporting information must be submitted with applications to assist Shire Officer in assessing the application.

Information that must be submitted includes:

  • Site plan indicating the location of any existing features including footpath, kerb, vehicle crossings, roadway details, service utility assets, drainage pits, trees or street furniture along with the location of the proposed works.
  • Details of the proposed works and any relevant dimensions and offsets from property boundaries.
  • Details of works period and contractor engaged to undertake the works.

Reinstatement Obligations

When works are undertaken within a road reserve, the contractor must return the area to a condition as near as practicable to that before the works commenced. This may involve the removal and reinstatement of community infrastructure assets.

To assist contractor in undertaking works in road reserves, the Shire has a specification for installations and reinstatements which can be viewed by visiting our Civil Engineering Standard Drawings section. 

For more information on works in road reserves please contact: 1300 850 600 or 5950 1040 or by email