Private Works on Nature Strips

Private Works on Nature Strips 

The Shire has a Private works on nature strips policy(PDF, 677KB) to help retain, protect and enhance road reserves within the township environment land within the Urban Growth Boundary for public purposes including the maintenance and enhancement of the values associated with the heritage, biodiversity and neighbourhood character values.

In most cases a nature strip is grassed, but in certain circumstances it can be modified by an alternative landscape treatment. Landscaping work includes and is not limited to; planting, constructing a retaining wall or garden bed.  It  does not include vehicle crossings or other hard structures.

Any person or business seeking to carry out works, or proposing an exclusive use, of any part of any road reserve must first obtain a permit from the Shire. The permit process will retain, protect and enhance the use of road reserves so that modification does not adversely impact on the interests of the wider community and obstruct access to Utility Services assets.

Details of Works Prescribed Fee as at 1st July 2018   
Minor landscaping works within a road reserve $66.00 
Tree removal or major landscaping works on a road reserve affecting greater than eight square metres of road, shoulder or pathway  $152.00

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