Placement of Shipping Container on Council Land

When considering placing a shipping or storage container on Council land, which includes road reserves and road ways, approval must be sought from the Shire.  The Mornington Peninsula Shire General purposes Local Law Clause 23(1), states that a person must not without Council approval allow, place or store any item or thing on a road or council land unless they are permitted to do so under any other Act, regulation or other Local Law.

The purpose of an approval is to ensure that the placement of a shipping container does not impact on public safety or cause damage to Shire assets.  Prior to approval being granted a range of considerations as listed below will be assessed. Wherever possible the Shire discourages the placement of shipping containers on Council land or specifically on roads. Any placement of a shipping container on Council land without approval being sought may result in the container being impounded.

 Prior to approval you should consider some of the following aspects:

  • Will the placement of a shipping container impact footpaths or pedestrian traffic.  
  • Will the placement impact on neighbour properties or businesses.  
  • What is the period of time that the shipping container will be onsite. 
  • What traffic management is in place (TMP).

If the shipping container is to be placed on the road, contact the Asset Protection Team prior to submitting an application, as a traffic management plan may be required.

The prescribed fee place a Shipping Container on Council Land current as at 1st July 2018 is $152.00.

The application must include the following:

  • The payment of fee;
  • Site plan showing where the shipping container will be placed;
  • Any kerbs, footpath, trees, fire hydrants and the distance from the road;
  • Duration of placement; and
  • Evidence of public liability insurance not less than $10,000,000 and completion of indemnity in favour of the Shire.

 For more information please contact Customer Service on 1300 850 600 or the Asset Protection Team on 5950 1040.