Asset Protection & Private Buildings

The Shire has developed a Building and Works Code of Practice to manage the effects of building development within the municipality, enhancing sustainable infrastructure and supporting the wellbeing of local communities and the environment.

The Code describes minimum performance requirements and encourages responsible site management to reduce infrastructure damage and protect public amenity and safety. The Code applies to developments of broad acre subdivisions, suburban infill and commercial, industrial and residential building and demolition activities.

Building Works Code of Practice(PDF, 77KB)

Asset & Amenity Protection Inspections

 The basic purpose of Asset and Amenity Protection Inspections is to:

  • Ensure that community assets such as footpaths, roadway, drainage systems, service pits, nature strips and vegetation are not damaged, or their performance compromised, due to private works undertaken,
  • Ensure that the appropriate construction specifications are observed to ensure public safety, product suitability/durability
  • Encourage Owners, Builders, contractors and suppliers to act responsibly when conducting building works,
  • Ensure that the Environment is protected,
  • Ensure that the general community is not covering the cost of repairing assets from private construction works, especially where this damage may have been avoidable.

How does the Inspection Process work?

 When a building permit is received from your Building Surveyor, a Shire Officer will inspect community assets prior to works commencing (pre inspection) and again following completion of works (post inspection). The Shire Officer will also undertake random inspections for the duration of the works to monitor the condition of assets and provide advice to builders as required.

If inspections are required you will be notified by way of an invoice for the prescribed Asset and Amenity Inspections (non-refundable) Fee of $165.00 as at 1st July 2018.  Alternatively, you can pre-pay the Inspections Fee by completing the Application Form.

Apply and pay online

It is important that you make your builder (or person responsible for the site) aware of this process as Shire officers will liaise directly with them with respect to building site management.

Once your works are complete, the post inspection will determine whether damage has occurred as a result of building works. Depending on the nature of the damage, the person in charge of the building site will be held responsible for reinstating damaged assets to their original condition and to the Shire’s nominated standards.

Building Site Management

The Building and Works Code of Practice, by reference, forms part of Local Law No.5 - Streets and Roads and is an enforceable document. It sets out requirements for site management which include site fencing/ containment, stormwater protection, dust, building site waste and litter, sanitary facilities and safety and hazards to pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

For more information please visit our Our Local Laws section.

Building sites are regularly audited and penalties are applicable for failing to comply with the requirements of the Code.

A copy of the code of practice is Building Works Code of Practice(PDF, 77KB)  

For more information on Asset Protection please contact 1300 850 600 or by email