Future of our foreshore

1. Overview

With 192 kilometres of coastline along Port Phillip and Western Port, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has a strong interest and long-standing commitment to being leaders in coastal planning.

The Shire directly manages a number of coastal foreshore reserves, primarily through formal delegation to the Shire as Committee of Management by the State Government. The Shire also engages with the State government to influence broader coastal policy matters such as the Victorian Coastal Strategy and the Regional Coastal Action Plan. The Shire is also an active member of the Association of Bayside Municipalities and the National Sea Change Taskforce Council directly employs experienced coastal planners who are responsible for facilitating positive outcomes for the coast through advocacy with partner agencies and the State government, liaising with the community, developing management plans, reviewing planning applications and coordinating improvement projects.

2. Mt Eliza to Point Nepean Coastal Action Plan: 2021

Central Coastal Board with Mornington Peninsula Shire (2005)
The Mount Eliza to Point Nepean Coastal Action Plan takes a whole of peninsula perspective on issues affecting this area. It is a key tool for implementing the Victorian Coastal Strategy and provides long-term vision and strategic actions for the coordinated management and planning of the Mornington Peninsula.

4. Personal Watercraft (PWC) Advocacy Paper

The Mornington Peninsula Shire shares significant community concerns that have been raised about the increased presence of Personal Watercraft (PWC), specifically jet skis, in shared boating and swimming zones where riders often fail to observe the five-knot speed limit and where riders are frequently entering swimming only zones.

An advocacy paper was developed by Shire Officers and Councillors that seeks a comprehensive overhaul to the laws regulating zones, licensing and enforcement of PWC usage on the Mornington Peninsula. On the 25th of June 2019 a Council resolution adopted the advocacy paper. The Council resolution can be found on the Council/Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes page.

Download: Personal Watercraft (PWC) Advocacy Paper(PDF, 172KB)

Council is calling on the Victorian Government to introduce a range of measures to address community and Council concerns regarding personal safety, amenity and threats to marine wildlife. These include:

  • Greater physical separation of PWC and swimmers
  • Expansion of the Swimming Only Zones along the Mornington Peninsula
  • Introduction of a trial PWC-only pathway zone past the five-knot shared waterway zone
  • Implementation of trial PWC exclusion zones adjacent to Rye Foreshore, The Pillars and Safety Beach Foreshore
  • Implementation of trial PWC only zones (excluding all other users) at Rye and Safety Beach to allow PWC users to access foreshore areas
  • Increase required distance between operation of a PWC and persons on coastal waters to 25 metres
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Licencing restrictions
  • Greater education and enforcement 

To see the full details of Council’s advocacy priorities please read the Personal Watercraft (PWC) Advocacy Paper(PDF, 172KB)