Safety Beach Coastal Management Plan


 The Safety Beach foreshore holds important values around the natural environment, cultural heritage and recreation – for local residents and visitors alike. Managing these values for their future protection is vital given the projected growth in local and regional populations and the likely increase in demand for coastal recreation.

To assist in managing these values; the Safety Beach Coastal Management Plan has been prepared to provide strategic guidance for the use, development and management of the Safety Beach foreshore reserve.


Through consultation, a vision for the reserve has been developed that reflects the aspirations of the community and other stakeholders:

To protect, maintain and create awareness of the unique natural and cultural history of the Safety Beach Foreshore Reserve.

To provide an improved level of service and an enhanced, high quality, coastal experience for both residents and visitors.’

In planning to achieve this vision, the SBCMP builds on the foundation of the Mount Eliza to Point Nepean Coastal Action Plan (CCB 2005) by designating areas as zones of activity, recreation or environmental sensitivity.

In this way different areas of the foreshore are allocated different primary roles, providing a framework for planning by public land managers and community groups involved in their management.


The Safety Beach Coastal Management Plans was adopted by Council on 26 April 2016.

Safety Beach Coastal Management Plan  (PDF, 17MB)

Safety Beach Coastal Management Plan - Masterplan(PDF, 10MB)

Safety Beach Coastal Management Plan - Masterplan Locations(PDF, 12MB)

Safety Beach Coastal Management Plan - Recommendations(PDF, 12MB)