Rosebud Coastal Management Plan

Rosebud was founded as a fishing village (Banksia Point) in the early 1850’s and the relationship between the town and the coast has remained strong ever since. The promotion of foreshore camping in the early 19th century, and the “family safe” beach, established Rosebud as a popular summer holiday place, with the stands of banksia, sheoak and ti-tree maintaining a natural backdrop to the beach.

These elements - the natural environment, recreation and the relationship with the town itself – continue to be the major values of the Rosebud foreshore and increase in significance as both the local community and the population of Melbourne continue to grow, and with this growth the demand for coastal recreation. 

The Rosebud Coastal Management Plan (CMP) has been prepared to provide strategic guidance for the use, development and management of the Rosebud Foreshore Reserve.

Download: Rosebud Coastal Management Plan - May 2015