Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve Coastal Management Plan

The Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve Coastal Management Plan provides for the future use, development and management of the Mt Eliza Coastal Crown Land Reserve (Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve). 

Through consultation with community groups, key stakeholders and residents, the following Management Plan vision for the Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve was developed:

‘To protect and maintain the natural, cultural and recreational values of Mt Eliza Foreshore Reserve, by provision of a clean, safe, and accessible coastal environment.’

The objectives to achieve this vision are to:

  • Protect and manage natural systems and processes;
  • Identify and protect cultural values;
  • Provide a safe and clean environment;
  • Provide access for a range of users;
  • Provide for a high quality coastal experience;
  • Encourage community awareness and involvement; and
  • Develop a Business Plan to identify future resources, expenditures and sources of income.

Download: Mount Eliza Coastal Management Plan (2004)