Building Forms

Fees for the below applications are located on each application.

Building Information - Regulation 326(1)

A building information certificate will provide details of:

  • Any building permits issued in the last ten years
  • Occupancy permits and Certificates of Final Inspection
  • Outstanding Building Notices and Orders

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Printable Application Form -  Building Information Application Form(DOC, 93KB)

Property Information - Regulation 326(2)

A Property Information certificate will provide information on whether a property is:

  • Liable to flooding
  • Likely to be subject to infestation by termites (the whole of the Mornington Peninsula is deemed termite prone)
  • Bushfire prone
  • Subject to significant snowfalls

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Printable Application Form -  Property Information Application Form(DOC, 82KB)

Building Inspection Information - Regulation 326(3)

This form will provide details of all mandatory building permit inspections undertaken on a property since 1 July 1994 under Building Regulation 326(3).

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Printable Application Form -   Inspection Information Application Form(DOC, 90KB)

Obtaining Copies of Building Plans/Permits – Regulation 325

Any person can apply for a copy of residential and/or commercial building plans; however, if you are not the current rated owner of the property, a signed letter of consent from the current owner is required. This application can also be used to obtain copies of building and occupancy permits and any other documents related to building permits.
Note:  The fee for this application is non-refundable and the Shire cannot guarantee to provide what you have requested.

Download: Residential Application Form (Building plans, building permits and occupancy permits application) House Plans Application Form(DOC, 95KB)

Download: Commercial Application Form (Commercial Building Plans) Commercial Plans Application Form(DOC, 94KB)

Report and Consent applications

 For detailed information on the Report and Consent process please visit our Report and Consent webpage.

Download: Application to Build on Flood Prone Land(DOCX, 136KB)

Download: Application to Vary Part 4 of the Building Regulations(DOCX, 170KB)

Download: Application to proposed demolition under Section 29A(DOC, 128KB)

Adjoining Owners Information

Adjoining owner details will only be provided under this application relating to the issue of Protection Work Notices or Part 4 Report and Consent applications, under the Building Regulations 2006. There is no fee for this application.

Download: Adjoining Owners Application Form(DOC, 91KB) under Building Regulations 2006