Shire Nursery

Free Tree giveaway for ratepayers

We will be open to the public from 9-3.30pm on:

  • Wed the 28th of March,
  • Thur the 29th of March,
  • Wed the 4th of April,
  • Thur the 5th and
  • Friday the 6th of April.

We shall also be open on that 1st Saturday in April the 7th from 9am till 1pm.

Ratepayers can come and choose 2 tubes from our selected range. They will need to provide a rates notice to be eligible.

About the Shire Nursery

The Shire Nursery grows an extensive range of indigenous plants from locally collected seed for retail sale to the public. The range includes groundcovers, grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees.

The Nursery also stocks a large range of plants from across Australia. These include well-known drought tolerant varieties of grevillea, callistemon, hibiscus, banksia, leptospermum and many more.

Description of nursery
The Shire Nursery grows an extensive range of local indigenous and Australian native plants for retail sale to the public.

The Shire Nursery is located at The Briars between Josephine’s Restaurant and the Eco Living Display Centre. Follow the directional signs on arrival.

Opening hours
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:00am – 3:30pm.
First Saturday each month: 9:00am – 1:00pm.

Contact Us
5974 8417 or email


The Shire Nursery welcomes volunteers with an interest in growing plants and gardening. Volunteering at the Nursery provides an opportunity to build on existing horticultural skills, meet new people and learn about our local flora.

There is a variety of tasks available including propagation, seed cleaning and sorting, planting, potting, weeding. No experience is necessary.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Shire Nursery please contact us. 

Revegetation Plant Guides:

The Shire has produced 7 regional revegetation guides to assist landowners in identifying local indigenous plants suitable for revegetation and landscaping.

The guides are based on seven geographic regions of the peninsula.

The guides are available from the Nursery or can be downloaded here.

Balcombe Revegetation guide:

Reveg-Guide-Region-1-Balcombe-Pg1.pdf(PDF, 321KB)

Reveg-Guide-Region-1-Balcombe-Pg2.pdf(PDF, 168KB)

Hastings Revegetation guide:

Reveg-Guide-Region-2-Hastings-Pg1.pdf(PDF, 327KB)

Reveg-Guide-Region-2-Hastings-Pg2.pdf(PDF, 180KB)

Tuerong Revegetation guide:

Reveg-Guide-Region-3-Tuerong-Pg1.pdf(PDF, 334KB)

Reveg-Guide-Region-3-Tuerong-Pg2.pdf(PDF, 174KB)

Somers Revegetation guide:

Reveg-Guide-Region-4-Somers-Pg1.pdf(PDF, 282KB)

Reveg-Guide-Region-4-Somers-Pg2.pdf(PDF, 163KB)

Flinders Revegetation guide:

Reveg-Guide-Region-5-Flinders-Pg1.pdf(PDF, 328KB)

Reveg-Guide-Region-5-Flinders-Pg2.pdf(PDF, 175KB)

Rosebud Revegetation guide:

Reveg-Guide-Region-6-Rosebud-Pg1.pdf(PDF, 352KB)

Reveg-Guide-Region-6-Rosebud-Pg2.pdf(PDF, 162KB)

Nepean Revegetation guide: 

Reveg-Guide-Region-7-Nepean-Pg1.pdf(PDF, 251KB)

Reveg-Guide-Region-7-Nepean-Pg2.pdf(PDF, 175KB)