Planning an Event

We appreciate COVID-19 is raising challenges for event organisers. As restrictions ease the Shire will continue to monitor changes. The State Government released the COVIDSafe Public Events Framework on 23 November 2020.  All event organisers need to be aware of their roles in keeping the community safe. State Government approval is a key requirement for any event to be considered on Shire owned or managed land, and will be a condition of all Shire event permits. Please stay safe and observe the latest information provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Are you an event organiser planning to hold an event on shire owned or managed land?

To help you plan for future events we've put together resources and advice to guide you. We encourage communities to celebrate together, but for now we have to be patient and work within the guidelines.    

Learn more about how to plan your event and whether you require shire approval to do so.

Start here - Do I need an event permit?

Let us know you plan to hold an event on Shire owned or managed land

The Event Opportunity Form (EOF) must be completed:

  • 6 months prior to your planned event for low to medium impact events
  • 12 months prior to your event for high impact events.

The events risk impact classification is outlined in the Events Policy.

The EOF is a quick online form that registers your intent to hold an Event on Shire owned or managed land, capturing details such as date(s) and location(s). A member of the Shire team will review your event details and availability before contacting you to discuss next steps, which will include completing a full Event Application and submitting any other relevant documentation required.

Submit Event Opportunity Form


Getting your event approved - a step by step guide

You have let us know you plan to hold an event on Shire land by completing the Event Opportunity Form and been in contact with the Shire. What can you expect next?

  1. Event organiser submits their event online through the Event Opportunity Form.

  2. Shire Events Officer is assigned to Event Organiser and advises them of the next steps.

  3. Event Organiser submits the Event Application and Site Map, along with all other documentation required (download the Quick Reference Timeline to ensure you comply).

  4. The event documentation is referred to internal Shire stakeholders for comment/ approval, i.e. Parks & Roadsides, Traffic and Building teams.

  5. The Event Permit is issued, subject to approval.

Please note: The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuring all permits from additional, external event stakeholders are obtained, as required.

Event application fees

 Event Type

Community and Cultural

(Type 2)

Fundraising and Charity

(Type 4)

Major and Icon(Type 3)

Private(Type 5)



All Year

1 January - 31 December

Low Season

1 May - 30 September

High Season

1 October - 30 April

Low Season

1 May - 30 September

High Season

1 October - 30 April

Low Impact




Weddings - $250

Commercial Filming - $225

Weddings - $375

Commercial Filming - $335

Medium Impact






High Impact








 Please Note: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the above fees and charges have been waived for eligible events that take place on Shire owned or managed land within the 2021/22 financial year.

 All fees are inclusive of GST

 An additional bond may be required for your event, charged at the discretion of the Shire.

The above rates do not apply for events held at the Briars. Please connect with your Shire representative for further information regarding rental costs for this venue. 



Contact the Event Permits Team

Phone: 1300 850 600