Positive Ageing Strategy

The Positive Ageing Strategy 2020-2025 was developed in recognition of our growing population of people over 55 years. It reflects the Shire’s membership of the World Health Organisation’s Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities. This means we have made a commitment to listen to the needs of our ageing population and assess and monitor age-friendliness according to eight domains that relate to our physical and social environment.

Whilst we are fortunate on the Peninsula to have a beautiful natural environment and an opportunity to age well, for many people there are barriers to good health and access of opportunities. An age-friendly community aims to ensure inclusivity and respect of all members of its community regardless of age. The Positive Ageing Strategy is linked to the following eight domains that help guide the WHO age friendly cities and communities’ network.

  1. Transport
  2. Social participation
  3. Communication and information
  4. Respect and social inclusion
  5. Housing
  6. Civic participation and employment
  7. Community support and health services
  8. Outdoor spaces and buildings

This strategy adds a ninth domain 'Quality of Life'. This identifies opportunities to address additional areas of focus that can include dementia awareness and the impact of climate change. The strategy has been informed and guided by older members of our community, service providers and members of thePeninsula Advisory Committee for Elders (PACE).