Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Built Form Review

The Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Built Form Review (November 2021) was adopted by Council on 13 December 2021. The Review models and tests various development scenarios to justify the application of permanent mandatory building design controls to protect the highly valued character of Sorrento’s Ocean Beach Road commercial precinct (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Ocean Beach Road Commercial Precinct


Specifically, the Review:

  • analyses the height and character of existing built form along Ocean Beach Road, including heritage buildings,
  • provides 3D-modelling showing potential future built form outcomes within the precinct, and
  • tests various building heights, building setbacks and development scenarios as viewed from several key vantage points throughout the commercial precinct.

    Based on the findings of the above, the Review recommends implementing a range of specific built form planning controls, as detailed below:                                   

    Key Recommendations

  • The key recommendations of the Review are as follows:

  • update the extent of existing Design and Development Overlay – Schedule 28: Ocean Beach Road Commercial Precinct (DDO28) which currently applies to the precinct,
  • refine the existing design objectives and mandatory requirements of DDO28,
  • implement a three-storey, 12 metre height limit for new development,
  • implement a two-storey, 9 metre building height limit at the street frontage of Ocean Beach Road, and
  • implement a 4 metre third storey setback from the street frontage for new development.

Download: Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Built Form Review, November 2021


Planning Scheme Amendment C286morn has been prepared by Council which seeks to implement the key recommendations of the Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Built Form Review by applying a revised and permanent Design and Development Overlay (DDO28) to the Ocean Beach Road commercial precinct. Further details of the amendment can be accessed via the link below.

Amendment C286morn – Ocean Beach Road Commercial Precinct, Sorrento

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