Neighbourhood Character Study and Guidelines

The Neighbourhood Character Study & Guidelines (September 2019) seeks to ensure that the valued characteristics of the Mornington Peninsula's residential areas remain protected while accommodating future population growth and providing housing diversity.

The Study:

  • Identifies the character typologies that apply to the Shire's residential areas
  • Documents the built form elements, vegetation and topographic features that characterise each typology
  • Develops a set of Preferred Character Statements and Design Guidelines that respond to each typology's built-form elements, vegetation and topographic features

The completion of this project is a key action recommended in the Shire's adopted Housing and Settlement Strategy and will play a critical role in implementing the key directions of the Strategy.

Character Typologies and Precincts

Character Type


Garden Residential

Consists of spacious residential areas with consistently sited dwellings in a garden setting and formal street pattern; generally modified grid and avenue style streets.

Garden Court

Features spacious residential areas with sometimes informally sited dwellings in a garden setting and curvilinear street layout (courts / cul-de-sac), with a mix of flat and undulating topography.

Bush Residential

Defined by heavily vegetated residential areas with generally consistent sited dwellings in a bush setting and sometimes informal street pattern; generally modified grid and curvilinear style streets.

Bush Coastal

Typically consists of heavy coastal shrub and woodland dominated streetscapes, with dwellings often screened from view.

Bush Coastal Contemporary

Defined by individually designed dwellings, often capitalising on topography to maximise water views, set within medium to large lots that in some areas contain substantial coastal vegetation.

Rural Settlement

Typically consists of ranch-style dwellings on large residential lots, set within rural areas of the Shire. Dwellings are generally single storey with large floor plates and inconsistently sited on curvilinear street patterns.