Housing and Settlement Strategy

The Mornington Peninsula Housing and Settlement Strategy: Refresh 2020-2036 (adopted July 2020) outlines how future housing and population growth will be accommodated on the Mornington Peninsula over the next 16 years while ensuring the special values and character of the Peninsula are protected for current and future Victorians.

The Strategy applies to all residential areas and activity centres of the Peninsula within the metropolitan Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) as well as the few small areas zoned General Residential Zone and Low Density Residential Zone outside the UGB.

The key directions are to:

  • recognise the limits to the capacity of the Peninsula and of the individual towns and villages to accommodate further growth.
  • give priority to the protection of residential character and amenity.
  • identify and make provision for changing housing needs to the extent that is consistent with the role, character and function of each township and settlement.
  • determine appropriate change through a consultative process.
  • ensure that future development is properly supported with infrastructure and services