Creswell Street Crib Point East - Development Contributions Plan

Creswell Street East Crib Point - Development Contributions Plan

 The Creswell Street East Crib Point Development Contributions Plan (DCP) applies to properties within Cooma Street and Creswell Street in Crib Point as shown below.


Download: Creswell Street East Crib Point - Development Contributions Plan

The DCP is a tool within the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme that requires landowners to contribute towards the cost of upgrading road, drainage, and other essential infrastructure to service their properties. Landowners must pay a contribution before they can subdivide or develop their property.

When was the DCP introduced?

The DCP first came into effect on 6 June 2019 when properties from 1 to 73 Creswell Street (except 2 Creswell Street) and 1 to 3 Cooma Street, Crib Point were rezoned from Industrial 3 Zone to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedule 1 as part of Amendment C210morn to the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme. This amendment also applied the Development Contributions Plan Overlay Schedule 1 (DCPO1) to these properties.


Is the cost of the infrastructure shared between Council and landowners?

Yes. Under the current DCP, the cost of delivering the infrastructure is shared between Council and landowners as follows:

  • 70% contribution from landowners
  • 30% contribution by Council


How are contributions calculated?

The current DCP calculates contributions based on the length of property lot frontage, with landowners charged a levy for every 20.12 metres of lot frontage.


How much do landowners need to pay?

As of 28 July 2023, the current contribution amount is $25,746.39 per 20.12 metres of lot frontage, noting that:

  • All infrastructure costs in the current DCP are expressed in October 2017 dollars. The above amount accounts for quarterly indexation up to July 2023, to take account of inflation in line with the Australian Bureau of Statistics Producer Price Indexes, Road and Bridge Construction Index, Victoria.
  • Contributions for properties that have a frontage greater or less than 20.12 metres will be calculated on a pro rata basis. For example, a property that has a frontage of 60.36 metres (which is three times greater than 20.12 metres) would pay $77,239.17. 


When do landowners need to pay their contribution?

Landowners must pay their contribution:

  • As a condition of a Planning Permit to develop their property, noting that:
    • “development” includes things like building two or more houses on a property, subdivision etc.
    • Council will not issue endorsed plans under a Planning Permit until the landowner contribution is paid.
  • As a condition of a Planning Permit to subdivide their property, noting that Council will not issue Statement of Compliance for the subdivision until the landowner contribution is paid.
  • If no Planning Permit is required, then before a Building Permit is issued, noting that Building Permits are generally required for things like building a dwelling, dwelling additions and alterations, outbuilding, verandahs, decks, pergolas, pool fences, demolition etc.


How many times does a landowner need to pay a contribution?

Landowners only need to pay their contribution once


Who will deliver the infrastructure?

The Shire is responsible for delivering the infrastructure as the Development Agency for the DCP.


When will the infrastructure upgrades be delivered?

Under the DCP, the Shire must deliver the infrastructure when whichever one of the following occurs first:

(a) 50% of the landowner contributions necessary to deliver the project have been collected by Council, or

(b) before 6 June 2024 (which is five years from when the DCP was first introduced into the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme).


What happens if a landowner wants to develop or subdivide their property before the planned delivery of the infrastructure?

The landowner will have to pay the full cost of constructing the infrastructure that is required to access and occupy their property.

Any works to be delivered by the landowner will need to be approved by the relevant authority and constructed to their requirements and satisfaction. 


Who monitors the DCP and is it ever reviewed over time?

The Mornington Peninsula Shire is responsible for regularly monitoring, reporting and reviewing contributions collected and spent in accordance with the DCP. The Mornington Peninsula Shire also monitors and assesses any external factors that may impact on the costs or timing of infrastructure delivery under the DCP. The DCP is therefore formally reviewed and updated as necessary every 5 years, or more frequently if required.



Where can I find out more?

For any questions about the current DCP or Planning Permits, contact our Planning Support team on (03) 5950 1010,  email or visit our Planning webpage.

For any questions about the planning scheme amendment process, contact our Strategic Planning team on (03) 5950 1003, email or visit our Strategic Planning webpage.

For any questions about Building Permits, contact our Building team on (03) 5950 1060, email or visit our Building webpage.