Activity Centres Strategy

The Mornington Peninsula Activity Centres Strategy (adopted 30 April 2018) is a review and update on the previous Activity Centres Strategy.

The previous Strategy (adopted in 2005) was linked to the Shire's Planning Scheme in 2007 under clause 21.07-3 Activity Centres. A key element of the previous Strategy was the identification of an activity centres hierarchy where different hierarchical levels perform different but complementary roles.

The hierarchy identifies the activity centres in Mornington, Rosebud and Hastings as having a major role in meeting the expenditure needs of residents in the western, southern and eastern regions of the Peninsula respectively. This is complemented by lower-tiered activity centres that primarily service residents within the township or surrounding neighbourhoods.

The 2018 Strategy continues to adopt the hierarchy approach towards guiding activity centres development in the Mornington Peninsula (see Map 1 below). It envisions that the centres will continue to be the focus for new retail development and key locations for businesses, community activity and social interaction, and that future development will respect and be appropriate to the character, role and function of each centre. 

Key objectives in the strategy

  • Continue to support the activity centres hierarchy.
  • Provide an effective and efficient activity centres hierarchy that provides high levels of service to residents, visitors and tourists.
  • Consolidate a diverse range of activities in activity centres.
  • Confirm the primacy of Mornington Peninsula's Major Activity Centres.
  • Support the growth of existing centres to meet increased demand.
  • Accommodate large-format homemaker retailing and mixed-business uses at 'Enterprise Area' locations.
  • Closely monitor out-of-centre development.

Activity Centres Hierarchy