Pedestrian Access Strategy

Footpaths help to keep our community connected.

The Shire maintains and creates new footpaths and the Pedestrian Access Strategy guides this work.

The strategy aims to create safe, accessible and connected pedestrian networks that facilitate pedestrian movement to key destinations.

To access further information please download the Pedestrian Access Strategy(PDF, 3MB) .

The Principal Pedestrian Network

The Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN) is a mapped network of integrated and connected routes which encourage pedestrian movement, whilst also supporting safe and accessible travel into and around key destinations. The PPN has identified a network of streets throughout the Peninsula where new footpaths are needed and where existing footpaths form part of the network.

The paths identified on the Principal Pedestrian Network are prioritised by the Pedestrian Access Strategy where consideration is given to network priority, pedestrian demand, site constraints and road safety. The highest ranked paths are then proposed for funding under the annual capital works budget bid process.

To view our network of footpaths, please download the Township Maps. These maps show both current and proposed footpaths.