Industrial Land Use & Infrastructure Assessment and Rezoning Strategy

In 2019 the Shire commissioned planning consultants Hansen Partnership to prepare the Industrial Land Use and Infrastructure Assessment and Rezoning Strategy (ILARS). The strategy seeks to identify the preferred location for a new industrial precinct. 

The Strategy provides a comprehensive assessment of three alternative precinct options:
  • Somerville,
  • Tyabb and
  • Hastings.
The “Hastings” precinct is located between Hastings and Tyabb, to the north of Graydens Road and to the west of the Frankston-Stony Point rail line.

Preparation and implementation of the Strategy

Following public exhibition and consultation, in September 2020 the Council:
  • Considered a revised version of the ILARS report and adopted the ILARS strategy.
  • Resolved to seek a number of planning scheme amendments to implement the Strategy.
Due to the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020, the Council reports were required to remain confidential at the time, but have now been released and are available in the Documentation below.

August 2021 Update

In August 2021, Council further considered the strategy recommendations and recent State government advice to provide greater clarity on the next steps in the process.

The Planning Services Committee (Council):
  • Confirms support for the proposed Hastings precinct as the location for a major release of industrially zoned land with a further complementary precinct in Somerville providing for technology based industry, generally in accordance with the recommendations of the Industrial Land Assessment and Rezoning Strategy.
  • Resolves to advise the owners of 79 Bungower Road, Somerville (Sealite Pty Ltd) that it is prepared to consider an amendment proposal involving the whole of the 33.8-hectare property and the adjoining land at 83 Bungower Road, Somerville for the purpose of establishing a high technology and advanced manufacturing industrial precinct, generally in accordance with the design concept previously submitted. The design concept should, subject to further discussions, provide substantial open space areas and facilities with public access (not necessarily in public ownership).
Based on the adopted strategy:
  • No further action is being taken in relation to the Tyabb area. This is the land generally to the east of Frankston Flinders Road and north of Denham Road in Tyabb.
  • The Shire will now work with property owners, public agencies and the community to develop appropriate planning scheme amendments. There will be future public consultation on these amendments.


Map of precinct investigation areas

Map of precinct investigation areas in Tyabb, Hastings and Somerville