Domestic Animal Management Plan

We are currently developing an updated Domestic Animal Management Plan.

Council resolved at its Council Meeting on Tuesday 24 October to adopt the Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-21.

The Plan outlines Mornington Peninsula Shire’s strategic approach to the delivery of animal management services across the municipality over the next four years.

The Shire recognises the value of pet ownership, its overall benefit for the community’s health and wellbeing, the importance of welfare of pets, and the protection of the community and environment from nuisance dogs and cats.

This Plan aims to help us enhance our communication, education and awareness of the initiatives being conducted by Council in relation to domestic animals

Some of the key initiatives outlined in the Domestic Animal Management Plan to be rolled out of the next four years include:

  • Reviewing dog leash-free and prohibited areas to accommodate better access, design and management reducing impact on non-pet owners.
  • Enhancing the Shire’s communication and education strategy seeking compliance of responsible pet ownership.
  • Conducting activities to increase rates of desexing and microchipping to increase reuniting rates to owner and reduce the number of unclaimed pets.
  • Continuing to enhance the Shire’s animal management services and facilities throughout the peninsula.
  • Raising community awareness about feral and semi-owned cat populations and seeking improved compliance with confinement which improves the cats’ welfare.

The Domestic Animal Management Plan will also help us balance the needs of pet owners with the needs of the rest of our community

Download: Domestic Animal Management Plan