Climate Change Community Engagement Strategy

View of the beach and coast

In November 2018, the Council adopted a Climate Change Community Engagement Strategy. 

The Strategy outlines the Shire's vision to assist the community to become:

  • resilient to the impacts of climate change,
  • aware of the associated risks,
  • actively involved and supported to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and
  • prepared for the future. 

The Strategy sets out an Action Plan over the next three years to achieve this.

The Strategy was developed with considerable input from the community. 

Between February and April 2017, the community provided feedback on the best ways the Shire can work with residents and businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the future.  

Over 550 participated in the consultation including 469 survey respondents, 65 participants in pop-up activities and 29 workshop participants.  This community feedback was critical to the design of the Strategy.

Download: Climate Change Community Engagement Strategy