Planning Policy Framework (PPF) Translation

The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme has been translated to the new Planning Policy Framework (PPF)

The translation substantially changes the ‘look and feel’ of the Shire’s planning scheme. It does not change its strategic direction or intent. 

The translation was done by Ministerial Amendment C279morn (22 July 2021) as part of the State Government’s ‘Smart Planning Program’. The program aims to make Victoria’s planning system more efficient, accessible and transparent. 

What is the Planning Policy Framework (PPF)? 

The PPF is the newly formatted section of policy content in the planning scheme. It is based on a three-tier structure that integrates state, regional and local policy. This new structure is designed to: 

  • strengthen planning policy 
  • better align and integrate state and local planning policy 
  • make policy easier to navigate and use 
  • ensure policy is consistent and concise 
  • simplify the review and update of policy. 

The new PPF was introduced into the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) and all Victorian planning schemes by Ministerial Amendment VC148, which was gazetted by the Minister for Planning on 31 July 2018. 

How was the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme translated?  

The translation process involved: 

  • moving content from the original Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF), which includes the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) and Local Planning Policies (LPP)  
  • into a new Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and PPF. 

 The image below shows the previous and new structure:


The translation was undertaken using the ‘planning scheme rules’ set by the State Government to ensure consistency with: 

The Shire reviewed existing policy content using these rules. 

We identified where content should be translated because it is: 

  • relevant, necessary and proportional to good decision-making 
  • clear and unambiguous in its application and intent 
  • consistent with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, the VPP and relevant Ministerial directions. 

Where content should not be translated because it is: 

  • outside the scope of planning or a planning scheme 
  • repetitive local policy content or duplicates what is already in state or regional policy
  • inconsistent with state policy or controls 
  • outdated or unclear. 

Some policy content (where appropriate and worthy of retention) was translated into a planning control (such as a schedule to a zone, overlay or particular provision). This provides greater clarity and certainty of the planning scheme’s intended outcomes. 

Other policy content has been updated or revised such as updating demographic statistics and revising maps to ensure they provide more accurate and meaningful details. 

Where has policy content been moved to? 

The Summary of Key Changes (Mornington Peninsula Shire, 2020) report explains where policy content has been moved to, what content has been deleted and why. 

The specific changes are detailed in the documents listed below.  

Source clauses refer to clauses in the LPPF (i.e. MSS and LPP) that have been reviewed for translation.   

Destination clauses refer to the clauses into which appropriate LPPF content has been translated.  

More information 

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