Industrial Areas Strategy

The Mornington Peninsula Industrial Areas Strategy, adopted by Council on Monday, 30 April 2018, provides an overarching strategic framework for the planning of the Peninsula's industrial areas, i.e. all land in the industrial zone. Located across ten townships, the Peninsula has a total industrial land area of approximately 388 hectares that support a diversity of industries as well as commercial businesses. This area, however, does not include the 3,500 hectares of land in the Special Use Zone Schedule 1 set aside primarily for port-related uses.

The Strategy seeks to ensure that the industrial areas provide an important base for economic activity, investment and employment in the Mornington Peninsula, and accommodate a wide range of businesses that serve the local community and support the Peninsula's liveability. It also guides Council in securing locations for service and non-service industrial uses and other compatible business activities, and advocates all industries to adopt appropriate development standards.

The Strategy recommends 21 area-specific actions that underpin the following four principles:

  • Recognise the importance of industrial areas as critical components of the Mornington Peninsula’s economy, and as an important source of the goods and services required to support business and the general community.
  • Ensure that planning for industrial areas has due consideration for, and is complementary to, the Mornington Peninsula Activity Centres Strategy, given the crossover between land uses relevant to both policy frameworks.
  • Support the growth of industrial and appropriate commercial activities on the Mornington Peninsula through the provision of serviced and readily-developable land at appropriate locations which support jobs, investment, business growth and economic prosperity.
  • Manage and plan for industrial areas which operate in a manner that reflects the importance of liveability and amenity to residents of the Mornington Peninsula