Family Violence Prevention Plan & Statement of Commitment

In May 2015, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council adopted the Mornington Peninsula Shire Prevention of Family Violence Implementation Plan 2015-2018 to promote the prevention of family violence within its community. The document demonstrates the Shire’s commitment to the promotion of family violence prevention through a three-year plan that recognises family violence as a key social and health issue which requires advocacy, collaboration and resourcing.

The Shire is committed to promoting a culture of community harmony, wellbeing and a sense of safety and belonging. It is well positioned to take a leadership role on this important community issue, and will continue to collaborate with key stakeholders including networks, service providers, advocates and our community to progress work in the area of family violence prevention and to foster an environment where we can all make a difference.

The Shire’s Statement of Commitment for the Prevention of Family Violence reaffirms its broader commitment to the prevention of family violence in the Mornington Peninsula and builds on existing work in support of the Shire’s Council Plan and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2021. The Statement highlights the Shire’s commitment to ensuring that:

  • The local community is a safe place where everyone acts to eliminate violence in all its forms
  • Relationships between all members of the community are respectful and promote the rights of men, women and children to live free from violence
  • Women, men and children have the opportunity to participate equally in all spheres of public and private life without fear or discrimination
  • Awareness is increased about family violence as a key social and health issue

Intimidating, violent behaviour within the home has profound effects on the health and wellbeing of everyone involved. The economic, social and health consequences of family violence are severe for individuals, families and communities [Vichealth 2004].