Creswell Street Crib Point East - Development Contributions Plan

The Creswell Street Crib Point East Development Contributions Plan requires new development and/or subdivision to pay a levy towards the cost of upgrading road and drainage infrastructure.

Amendment C210 was gazetted in June 2019. It rezoned the land located within Creswell Street, Crib Point (between 1 and 73 Creswell Street, Crib Point, except 2 Creswell Street) from Industrial 3 Zone to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedule 1. This amendment also applied the Development Contributions Plan Overlay Schedule 1 to the abovementioned properties. 


This overlay gives effect to the Creswell Street Development Contributions Plan. This overlay is used to collect payments towards the provision of infrastructure which includes road, drainage, water supply, public street lighting and optic fibre ready pit and pipe infrastructure construction within the existing unmade Council road reserves.

The project is fully funded by a 70% contribution by landowners and a 30% contribution by Council. Lot frontage is used to calculate the demand unit for this Development Contributions Plan and is based on a frontage of 20.12m per demand unit. This results in a total of 72 equivalent demand units in the Development Contributions Plan area. Lots with frontage greater or less than the demand unit of 20.12m will be required to contribute on a pro rata basis. This basis for calculation ensures the levy is fairly apportioned.

Payment of the DCP contribution

When do you need to pay?

Levies are paid only once when development and/or subdivision is approved whether or not a planning permit is required.

We will send you an invoice for the payment when the planning permit, subdivision permit or building permit is issued (as applicable). Plans will not be endorsed until payment has been made.

How much do you need to pay?

The levy amount payable is *$20,330 for each demand unit.

*All capital costs of infrastructure items are expressed in October 2017 dollars and will be indexed by the Shire quarterly to take account of inflation in line with the Australian Bureau of Statistics Producer Price Indexes, Road and Bridge Construction Index, Victoria.