Community Engagement Strategy

The Shire wants community members to be as involved as possible in the decisions that affect them.

The Community Engagement Strategy acts as a guide on how we provide opportunities for the community to play a more meaningful role in decision-making.

The strategy is based on a set of core principles that will underpin every community engagement activity we do as a Shire, including:

  • Those affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process
  • The purpose of the community engagement should be clear and serve the needs of the participants
  • Every effort should be made to include those potentially affected by or interested in a decision
  • Participants should be provided with the information and support they need to participate in a meaningful way
  • Participants should be informed of the ways in which the engagement process will influence Council decision-making

In developing the strategy, the Shire asked the community how they would like to be informed about issues and what form of involvement in the decision-making process would suit them. The strategy was endorsed by the Council in December 2020. 

Our Community Engagement Strategy, policy & supporting framework look to achieve engagement that:

  • is planned, purposeful, meaningful and inclusive;
  • brings together the diverse range of stakeholders. Communities and Council to collaborate; and
  • informs decisions about services, events, plans and projects.

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