Council Plan 2017-2021 submissions

Submissions on the proposed Council Plan 2017-2021 have now closed.

The Council Plan 2017-2021 was formally adopted by Council on Tuesday, 13 June 2017.  A copy can be found on our council plan page


Submission No. Name Group Subject of Submission (summary only) Full submission Response
1 Betty Preston - Strategic objective: 'Facilitate and promote connected and active lives' Attachment(PDF, 33KB) Attachment(PDF, 150KB)
2 Scott Crowe - Traffic congestion, car parking facilities, and other issues Attachment(PDF, 1MB) Attachment(PDF, 79KB)
3 Declan Osullivan - Promoting the 70-30 rural-urban land balance Attachment(PDF, 34KB) Attachment(PDF, 149KB)
4 Cameron Brown - Performance reporting on the Council Plan 2013-2017 Attachment(PDF, 37KB) Attachment(PDF, 151KB)
5 Jeannie Birch - Leash-free times at McCrae beach Attachment(PDF, 34KB) Attachment(PDF, 148KB)
6 Carmel Robertson - Need for additional gym and aquatic facilities Attachment(PDF, 36KB) Attachment(PDF, 148KB)
7 Rupert Steiner - Advocacy for expanded public transport network; advocacy against Port of Hastings; advocacy for and promotion of sustainable and affordable housing on the peninsula. Attachment(PDF, 36KB) Attachment(PDF, 76KB)
8 Richard Willmore - Litter management at Dromana foreshore Attachment(PDF, 34KB) Attachment(PDF, 149KB)
9 Kristin McLoughlin - Need for cross-peninsula public transport options (between Mornington and Hastings) Attachment(PDF, 37KB) Attachment(PDF, 148KB)
10 Melanie Gard Peninsula School of Dance Increased consultation on land use planning; promotion of performing arts schools and youth recreation programs; consideration of performance spaces along with sports and recreation facilities; support for a performing arts theatre Attachment(PDF, 40KB) Attachment(PDF, 75KB)
11 Virginia Richardson All Abilities Consultative Committee Various issues to promote accessibility and opportunities for people with a disability Attachment(PDF, 240KB) Attachment(PDF, 122KB)
12 David Gibb - Stronger emphasis on agriculture (and the Green Wedge) and inclusion under 'Our Prosperity'; reference to Road Improvement Strategy; and other issues Attachment(PDF, 71KB) Attachment(PDF, 80KB)
13 Mechelle Cheers Rye Community Group Alliance Appropriate development, preservation of the environment, tourism management and the coastal experience Attachment(PDF, 219KB) Attachment(PDF, 77KB)