Budget S223 Community Submissions 2021-22

Submission No. Name Group Subject of Submission (summary only) Budget
requested ($)
Excl. GST
where indicated
Redacted Submission Redacted Reply Letter
1 Colin Watson /
Christine Granger
Nepean Ratepayers Association Inc. A footpath needs to be constructed from the Sorrento Industrial Estate (the corner of Oxford Road, Sorrento) along Hotham Road to Back Beach Road.
A constructed footpath on one side of Darling Road, Sorrento would eliminate the need for pedestrians to walk out onto the road between parked vehicles
View Submission(PDF, 776KB) View Reply(PDF, 1008KB)
2 Alice Bevens Individual Requesting more evening course be offered at Community Houses, especially for women aged brack 50-70. View Submission(PDF, 775KB) View Reply(PDF, 909KB)
3 Mornington Yacht Club Slipway Maintenance Program requiring collaborative funding arrangement. $ 15,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 854KB)
4 Mt Eliza Sports Association Emil Madsen Reserve sports precinct development View Submission(PDF, 766KB) View Reply(PDF, 859KB)
5 Noelene Duff Individual Speed limit on Hotham Road, Portsea View Submission(PDF, 34KB) View Reply(PDF, 1MB)
6 David Buchler Individual Installation of stormwater drainage in McGregor Ave, Mt Martha View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 802KB)
7 Damian Willmott Individual New footpath between Somerville and Baxter using money already given and existing money by the council. Baxter and Somerville are long overdue for a footpath. View Submission(PDF, 766KB) View Reply(PDF, 1009KB)
8 Richard Doery Community 3942 Footpath along St Johns Wood Road from Melbourne Road through to the Mornington Peninsula national Park.
Footpath Extension along Hughes Road
Upgrade of the footpath along Melbourne Road from Tiber Street to Hughes Road.
Footpath for Canterbury Road
Footpath along Point Nepean Road
Track/Path from Slips Reserve to Stringer Reserve
Ocean Road Pedestrian walking track
Bicycle lanes.
View Submission(PDF, 850KB) View Reply(PDF, 1012KB)
9 Ross Davies Individual Proposed Increase to camping fees - 2022 Off Season. A manifestly excessive 23.82% increase over 2 years is unjustified when interest rates are near zero, wage growth is a record low 1.4% and sites lack water/sullage. Please review proposed budget View Submission(PDF, 773KB) View Reply(PDF, 888KB)
10 Zdenko Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 162KB) View Reply(PDF, 969KB)
11 Howard Ross Mornington Bicycle User Group Create a bike path along railway line from Mornington to Moorooduc View Submission(PDF, 763KB) View Reply(PDF, 948KB)
12 Paul Mee Rotary Club Rosebud Rye Capacity as President of the Rotary Club of Rosebud Rye. We are 1 of 9 Rotary Clubs in the Morn Pen Shire who have grouped together to support and work on the Morn Pen Bay Trail project. The shire has earmarked funds in the budget which we support. View Submission(PDF, 781KB) View Reply(PDF, 648KB)
13 Rod Davies Individual Bike paths View Submission(PDF, 758KB) View Reply(PDF, 991KB)
14 Peter Caspers Southern Peninsula Basketball Upgrade of Basketball courts at Dromana View Submission(PDF, 765KB) View Reply(PDF, 928KB)
15 Ross Kilborn Individual COVID Recovery - Bay Trail $.49m View Submission(PDF, 764KB) View Reply(PDF, 642KB)
16 Trish Hurley Flinders Community Garden Group Re-vegetation east-west section Patterson Grove verges as compensation for the significant loss of trees, shrubs and habitat due to 2A Patterson Grove 12-house development; to control erosion on Wood Street; beautify walking trail through Flinders. $ 15,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 779KB)
17 Frank Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 770KB) View Reply(PDF, 966KB)
18 Liam Fitzgerald Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 51KB) View Reply(PDF, 970KB)
19 Peter Slocombe Individual We urge you to make at least $450,000 available for the remediation of the Tyabb Youth Hall.
As a direct descendant of Robert William Slocombe who was the one of the first Committe Members of the Hall 1898 it is vitally important to me, my family and the community to preserve this building which is the oldest civic building in Tyabb.
It has served the Youth of the Community over many years and MUST be retained.
$ 450,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 22KB) View Reply(PDF, 951KB)
20 Barry Gilbert Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 601KB) View Reply(PDF, 970KB)
21 Andrew Gajowy Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 52KB) View Reply(PDF, 971KB)
22 Aurora Oliver Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 835KB) View Reply(PDF, 969KB)
23 Geoff Hines Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 74KB) View Reply(PDF, 969KB)
24 Adam Dobbs Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 78KB) View Reply(PDF, 970KB)
25 Michael Devola Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 742KB) View Reply(PDF, 970KB)
26 Frank Buontempo Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 80KB) View Reply(PDF, 972KB)
27 Frederick Crump Individual Upgrade Narambi Reserve
Tanti Park Skate Park
Solar panels for social housing
Street and road signs
Potholes, gutters, footpaths, more infrastructure funding, less on Council Offices
View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 898KB)
28 Sharon Clayton Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 44KB) View Reply(PDF, 971KB)
29 Alden Collins Individual Remediation of the Tyabb Youth hall. The oldest civic building in Tyabb is deteriorating at a rapid rate. A project to restore the historical building to compliment the Tyabb village and honour the pioneers who originally built it. $ 450,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 775KB) View Reply(PDF, 948KB)
30 Peter Smith Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 144KB) View Reply(PDF, 969KB)
31 John Matthies Matthies Property Investments Pty Ltd Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 819KB) View Reply(PDF, 928KB)
32 David Kelly D & G Kelly Pty Ltd Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 389KB) View Reply(PDF, 922KB)
33 Margaret Knight Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 717KB) View Reply(PDF, 969KB)
34 Sky Crompton Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 778KB) View Reply(PDF, 970KB)
35 Hastings Yacht Club The Hastings Yacht Club (HYC) proposes that the Channel Dredging Program be extended to the north side of the HYC pontoon to provide greater access and safety. The Club seeks an increase in the Shire budget allocation of $120,000 to cover this work. $ 120,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 959KB)
36 Trevor Leslie Individual Continued Maintenance , replanting, replacement of retaining walls on cliffs along Hawker beach to retard cliff and beach erosion
Maintenance of pathways leading down to the beaches and grading falls towards the sea wall at Hawker beach
View Submission(PDF, 775KB) View Reply(PDF, 907KB)
37 Trevor Leslie Individual Continual Funds required from every yearly budget for combating the continuing erosion of our beaches and coastline View Submission(PDF, 769KB) View Reply(PDF, 1003KB)
38 J Ireton Cinnebar Pty Ltd Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 919KB)
39 Balnarring Preschool Womindjeka Balnarring Ngargee Womindjeka Balnarring Ngargee (Festival), is an event where the community can gather to share, begin conversations and walk with First Peoples.` $ 50,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 813KB) View Reply(PDF, 863KB)
40 Frank Inrino Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 686KB) View Reply(PDF, 969KB)
41 David Chalke Tyabb & District Ratepayers Business & Environment Group Inc The urgent need to preserve & restore Tyabb’s oldest surviving civic building: Tyabb Youth/Guide Hall.

Saving 130 Years of Heritage and Honouring the Pioneering Families that built Tyabb.
This was the original town hall built in 1889. Replaced by the current hall in 1954 it was relocated and dedicated to the youth of the district. Heritage Overlay 2001
$ 1,500,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 6MB) View Reply(PDF, 948KB)
42 Fiona Macdonell Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 973KB)
43 Dromana Cricket Club Dromana Cricket Club Develop a new cricket net facility that will ensure safety and competitive fairness for:
* junior cricketers.
* senior cricketers.
* female cricketers.
The current nets are old, outdated and unsafe
$ 250,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 3MB) View Reply(PDF, 895KB)
44 Barbara King Individual Safelink connecting Mornington to Moorooduc for walkers and cyclists. View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 773KB)
45 Alison Hoelzer Individual A permanent, serviced Community House / Hub for Balnarring is needed to service our community and surrounding areas like Somers, Merricks Beach and Tuerong. We have a trial hub that volunteers are running. We require proper support into the future. $ 4,000,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 953KB)
46 Bella Blaher Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 706KB) View Reply(PDF, 970KB)
47 Mary Cvetovac Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 687KB) View Reply(PDF, 973KB)
48 Margaret Mayers Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 591KB) View Reply(PDF, 973KB)
49 Rosebud Football Netball Club Rosebud Football Netball Club New lighting for the existing netball courts at Olympic Reserve, Rosebud $ 36,240.00 View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 928KB)
50 Rosebud Football Netball Club Rosebud Football Netball Club Resurface the current asphalt netball courts at Olympic Park with Rebound Synpave $ 30,190.00 View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 928KB)
51 Michael Leach Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 970KB)
52 David Chalke Tyabb & District Ratepayers Business & Environment Group Inc Complete the fencing around the Tyabb Central Oval as promised in the 2012 ‘Tyabb Central Reserve Master Plan’. Currently the gap in the fencing allows errant foot balls and cricket balls to run on to the adjacent railway tracks. $ 50,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 941KB)
53 Viola McMahon, Secretary CYMCA Cyril Young Memorial Chapel Association Incorporated The urgent repairs of the lectern and platform of the open-air chapel (war memorial) located in the Buxton Reserve in accordance with MPS approved Conservation Management Plan. Creating a place of interest and reflection for visitors and residents. $ 10,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 7MB) View Reply(PDF, 824KB)
54 Kerrie Searle Individual Speed humps urgently required for traffic on Francis St, Rye, entering from the Browns Road end to slow speeding drivers. Children at risk on a daily basis. View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 991KB)
55 Rhonda Day, Inez Dussuyer, Dennis Toth, Friends of Moonah Waren Moonah Waren Friends Group Moonah Waren Reserve - for contractors to remove woody weeds and ivy and for seating in the reserve. $ 31,900.00 View Submission(PDF, 3MB) View Reply(PDF, 938KB)
56 Ann Robb Individual Improvements to existing cycling paths across the Shire and the introduction of new paths View Submission(PDF, 899KB) View Reply(PDF, 1006KB)
57 Helen Fairlie Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce Upgrade of Intersection Ocean Beach Road and Kerferd Road, Sorrento $ 250,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 813KB) View Reply(PDF, 966KB)
58 Joseph Grzeskowiak Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 917KB)
59 Ursula de Jong Nepean Conservation Group Inc Moonah Waren Bushland Reserve, Rye (formerly known as 50 Flinders Street Rye). Community engagement/education about the environment & also developing the Master Plan $ 330,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 7MB) View Reply(PDF, 942KB)
60 Peter R Fitton Individual Improvements to the Marshall Street Reserve.
1 A gazebo style cover over a BBQ and preparation table, near the playground.
2 Replacement of 5 advanced trees which have died.
3 A footpath from the Nepean Highway to the Marshall Street Reserve.
$ 270,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 887KB)
61 Ursula de Jong Nepean Conservation Group Inc Habitat corridors for the Nepean Peninsula (from Rye to Point Nepean) aims to rehabilitate, enhance and nurture biodiversity by creating Biolinks. It will map the area for existing fragments on public and private land and fully engage the public. $ 256,500.00 View Submission(PDF, 8MB) View Reply(PDF, 1020KB)
62 Brad Miles Individual Provide funding for the highest priority works identified in the Shoreham Drainage Plan. $ 150,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 285KB) View Reply(PDF, 925KB)
63 Cheryl Voight Individual I support the completion of The Bay Trail, in particular the missing link between Moorooduc Coolstores and Mornington "Safelink". This is a vital piece of missing infrastructure that our community needs. Please commit funding to this project! $ 300,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 927KB)
64 Heather & John Tadich Individual The Peninsula Bike Trail Link View Submission(PDF, 744KB) View Reply(PDF, 916KB)
65 Rob Francis/Rhonda Day MOSS Foundation Inc Sun protection shade shelters at Mount Eliza Skate Park View Submission(PDF, 811KB) View Reply(PDF, 997KB)
66 Graham Paulin Individual Foreshore Camping and Liaise with Council re disseminating information to Campers View Submission(PDF, 217KB) View Reply(PDF, 897KB)
67 Lisa Francis Individual Our beaches and coastline are the Mornington Peninsula's greatest asset. Accordingly, I would recommend Council allocates budget funding to 1) Protecting and maintaining our coastal walking paths 2) Planting vegetation to protect eroding cliff faces View Submission(PDF, 945KB) View Reply(PDF, 930KB)
68 Peter Cordia Friends of Cape Schanck Construction of a walking trail along Cape Schanck Rd and Boneo Rd from the Fingal Picnic Reserve to the Bushrangers Bay Car Park. $ 25,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 1007KB)
69 Tony Pitrone Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 1MB)
70 Mechelle Cheers Rye Community Group Alliance RCGA is requesting funding for 3 Rye projects - making the popular community built playground more inclusive, a parking assessment study for the retail area and infrastructure for a dog leash free area at the French Street Reserve. View Submission(PDF, 2MB) View Reply(PDF, 1014KB)
72 Lucia Battistel Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 730KB) View Reply(PDF, 1MB)
73 Anton Barbic Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 6MB) View Reply(PDF, 979KB)
74 Chris Livitsanis Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 673KB) View Reply(PDF, 1MB)
75 Jean Rotherham Dromana & District Historical Society Inc Concerns over the future of the Local History Network (LHN) and the historical societies on the Mornington Peninsula in general. View Submission(PDF, 653KB) View Reply(PDF, 871KB)
76 Barbara Hills Individual Tyabb Youth Hall View Submission(PDF, 1MB) View Reply(PDF, 1007KB)
77 Geoffrey Crowder Individual Improvements and questions on the budget & expenses, advocating for recycled water, Mornington Commercial Centre, Boat Ramps & Metropolitan Classification View Submission(PDF, 3MB) View Reply(PDF, 1MB)
78 Briony Hutton Committee for Mornington Peninsula Committee for Mornington Peninsula’s response to Council’s proposed 2021-22 Budget View Submission(PDF, 794KB) View Reply(PDF, 1019KB)
79 Kerri Searle Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 711KB) View Reply(PDF, 1MB)
80 Paul Georgeson SAVE Charity Investment in a Stroke Ambulance Vehicle Emergency Unit View Submission(PDF, 908KB) View Reply(PDF, 930KB)
81 Kathryn Visser Individual Peninsula Bay Trail View Submission(PDF, 704KB) View Reply(PDF, 703KB)
82 Kylie McDuff Individual Peninsula Bay Trail View Submission(PDF, 732KB) View Reply(PDF, 701KB)
83 Ron Knight Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 668KB) View Reply(PDF, 979KB)
84 Janine Wade Individual Peninsula Bay Trail View Submission(PDF, 14KB) View Reply(PDF, 807KB)
85 Claire Gus Individual Peninsula Bay Trail View Submission(PDF, 12KB) View Reply(PDF, 806KB)
86 Susan Boggan Shoreham Community Association Drainage scheme for Shoreham $ 100,000.00 View Submission(PDF, 4MB) View Reply(PDF, 990KB)
87 Kong & Hoon Lum Individual Vacant land rate increase View Submission(PDF, 4MB)

View Reply(PDF, 980KB)