Your Shire needs YOU! Become more involved in Council decisions

Published on 27 August 2020


Mornington Peninsula Shire wants community members to be as involved as possible in the decisions that affect them.
We have spent the first half of 2020 reviewing our practices and listening to feedback and are now seeking your input on a draft Community Engagement Strategy.
The Community Engagement Strategy will guide how we go about providing opportunities for residents to play a more meaningful role in decision making.
The draft strategy is based on a set of core principles that will underpin every community engagement activity we do, including:

  • Those affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process
  • The purpose of the community engagement should be clear and serve the needs of the participants
  • Every effort should be made to include those potentially affected by or interested in a decision
  • Participants should be provided with the information and support they need to participate in a meaningful way
  • Participants should be informed of the ways in which the engagement process will influence Council decision-making

Mornington Peninsula Mayor Sam Hearn said: “We want our community to be as involved as possible in the decision-making process”.
“We want to have deeper, richer and more meaningful conversations with our community and for the Shire’s decision-making to be as democratic and transparent as possible. Council cares deeply about the opinions and perspective of community members and we’re serious about empowering more residents to become involved.”
“Council plays an important role in looking after our community and we strive always to ensure Mornington Peninsula is a great place to live, but we can’t do this without your involvement.”
“Ultimately, we want to encourage more community members to share responsibility for their neighbourhood and environment, create deeper local connections and participate in civic life.”
The draft Community Engagement Strategy is available for public comment from now until September 22.
The Shire is also conducting a short survey, asking residents how they would like to be involved in the decision-making process.
To view the strategy and complete the survey visit
For a printed copy of the strategy and/or survey call our customer service line: 1300 850 600.

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