Yawa Aquatic Centre's new manager

Published on 10 August 2020


Mornington Peninsula Shire and Belgravia Leisure are excited to announce the newly appointed Centre Manager of Yawa Aquatic Centre, Dan Andrews.
With an extensive background in health and fitness, Dan will bring a great wealth of experience and knowledge to the new centre, ensuring the safety and well-being of visitors and employees through effective planning and oversight of policies, processes and procedures.
The Centre Manager is responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with Council and leading a high-performance community minded culture where all visitors feel welcome.
Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor Councillor Sam Hearn said, “We’re pleased to have secured a Centre Manager for Yawa Aquatic Centre. This role is integral to the smooth operation and success of this Shire facility and we think Dan is a great fit”.
Seawinds Ward Councillor Antonella Celi said, “the Centre Manger role is really important to the facility’s operation and service delivery to our community. We all look forward to the opening celebrations”.
Seawinds Ward Councillor Simon Brooks said, “recruiting staff is a great sign of the progress we’ve made. Despite COVID-19 the construction of Yawa Aquatic Centre has continued, and it will be really rewarding when we get to open the doors to the community”.
Seawinds Ward Councillor Frank Martin said, “much like our locals, Council can’t wait for Yawa Aquatic Centre to open. It’s going to be a great place for our friends and families to come together and enjoy this incredible community facility”.

To keep up to date with the Aquatic Centre project milestones visit mornpen.vic.gov.au/aquaticcentre


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