Working towards a Master Plan for the Tyabb Airfield and community

Published on 21 June 2019

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Working towards a Master Plan for the Tyabb Airfield and community

21 June 2019

Mornington Peninsula Shire CEO John Baker and Peninsula Aero Club President Jack Vevers met on Monday 17 June to discuss a number of issues relating to the Tyabb Airfield. 

Council has worked with the privately-operated Peninsula Aero Club (PAC) for more than a decade to modernise the relevant planning approvals that exist on the site. Unfortunately, these have not been resolved over this time which prompted the Council with the Peninsula Aero Club, local businesses and the broader Tyabb community to develop the Tyabb Airfield Precinct Plan. The plan was adopted by Council in 2017 and emphasises that the Council has a duty to ensure that land uses operate in accordance with existing planning permit conditions and the planning scheme.           

To ensure both the community and the air field have clarity and to ensure compliance, Council has requested that the PAC develop a draft Master Plan. To make more rapid progress, Mr Baker and Mr Vevers agreed to the following steps: 

  • Letters to be sent to the relevant businesses at Tyabb outlining the process highlighting the support the Council will provide to gain the required permits for the businesses. 
  • Work with the Peninsula Aero Club on establishing a reasonable set of working arrangements to be included in the Airfield Master Plan by end September 2019. 
  • Ensure there is an ongoing dialogue and a further meeting in two weeks’ time to assess progress. 

CEO John Baker said “the Council want to ensure a healthy and vibrant Tyabb Airfield into the future”.

“An enforceable Master Plan, linked to updated planning permit approvals for the precinct is essential. This will ensure the appropriate use and development of the authorised landing ground, whilst improving the amenity of residents now and in the future”.

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