We want to work with you to improve your wastewater systems

Published on 17 January 2023


Do you have a wastewater (septic tank) system on your property? Did you know, we can work with you to check your wastewater system is being appropriately maintained so it doesn't harm human health or pollute the environment?

Wastewater disposal is a significant environmental issue on the Mornington Peninsula.

Wastewater is water negatively affected in quality by human activity. This can be from a range of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities including sewerage, irrigation runoff and wash down water.

Where there is no sewer available, households and commercial premises must install and maintain their own wastewater treatment systems.

The Shire has the highest number of wastewatersystems of any Victorian council, leaving over 25,000 properties across the Peninsula without reticulated sewerage, relying on thesesystems to dispose of their wastewater.

Many of these wastewater treatment systems were approved decades ago and are discharging bacteria and other contaminants into groundwater and waterways.

It's important to appropriately maintain your wastewater system. A poorly maintained system is a health risk to your family, neighbours, our waterways and the wider community.

As part of theEnvironment Protection Regulations 2021, property owners will need to notify the Shire of septic tank system failures or issues as soon as possible.

Your wastewater system may need attention if:

  • the ground is damp or soggy around the effluent disposal area.
  • there is a rotten egg odour
  • the toilet, shower or drains are slow to clear.

We want to work with you to help look after your wastewater system, so together we can protect the health of our Peninsula. We encourage property owners to book a free health check on your wastewater system to discuss maintenance requirements and signs of failure.

The appropriate care and maintenance of your wastewater system can prevent environmental problems and save on costly repairs and early replacement.

To learn more or get help, contact the Shire’s Environmental Health Team via:septics@mornpen.vic.gov.auormornpen.vic.gov.au/septictankmaintenance



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