Wastewater is not a dirty word

Published on 19 October 2021


Kevin and Jess are newly appointed wastewater officers on the Peninsula and would love nothing more than to talk to you about wastewater.
Wastewater and the way we dispose of it can harm us and the people around us. A wastewater system that isn’t working properly can also make our waterways unsafe – this includes all of the lovely places we swim like our beaches, creeks and dams.
If your septic tank is not well maintained, you may unintentionally contribute to wastewater ending up, not only in yours and your neighbour’s yard, but also the places we bathe and play.
Our newly appointed wastewater officers can check your system to make sure it’s working properly. They can also help with advice on keeping your wastewater system safe, keeping track of maintenance and extending the life of your system.
South East Water and Mornington Peninsula Shire have funded two wastewater officers, for five years and 12 months respectively, to help residents and businesses meet their maintenance requirements in line with recent changes to the Environment Protection Act 2017.
For more information on maintenance requirements and the new EPA legislation visit epa.vic.gov.au or mornpen.vic.gov.au.
To make an appointment with our wastewater officers, please get in touch on 0417 332 800 or 5950 1373 or email septics@mornpen.vic.gov.au.
We look forward to working with you to safely attend to wastewater - protecting your health and our beautiful Peninsula.
In the coming weeks, Peninsula residents and businesses will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Shire’s wastewater policy. Stay tuned and we will let you know when you can have your say.
Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Despi O’Connor:

“We want to work with our community to manage wastewater well, so together we can keep our environment and waterways safe for native plants and animals, marine life and for our own recreational activities.
“Wastewater officers will support residents and property owners reliant on septic systems, particularly those with tanks that may require some extra attention.” 

Pictured: Kevin Annia and Jessica Connolly – Wastewater Officers, South East Water and Mornington Peninsula Shire  

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