Visitor Paid Parking Pilot launched

Published on 01 December 2023

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Our Visitor Paid Parking Pilot has officially started as of today, Friday 1 December 2023, and we’ve compiled everything you need to know to park with ease.
The Pilot has been rolled out at three Mornington Peninsula foreshore carparks, with changes including:

  • Visitors to pay for their stay
  • Residents need an ePermit to park for free at the sites
  • Timed parking restrictions at Schnapper Point, Mornington

Visitors who plan to park at Schnapper Point foreshore carpark (Mornington), Sunnyside Beach foreshore carpark (Mount Eliza) or Flinders Pier foreshore carpark (Flinders) are encouraged to download the PayStay app and follow the prompts to pay for your stay. Alternatively, you can pay by calling PayStay or visiting their website on the day of your visit.
Residents who park at the sites must obtain a free ePermit via our website, to ensure they park without charge:
This Pilot stems from Council’s decision in mid-2023 to provide equal access to popular beaches and fairly distributing the cost of maintaining these areas.
Pilot rules have been refined to minimise the impact on visitors and ensure the tradition of a ‘day at the beach’ is not compromised. These refinements were made with the help of Mornington Peninsula residents and businesses.
Sunnyside and Flinders will offer all day parking (no time limits). Schnapper Point will offer a mix of two-hour and four-hour parking to encourage turnover, as well as all day parking.
A daily price cap of $19.50 has been introduced as well as pro-rata fees, to allow visitors to pay for the exact period they park without the charge being rounded up to the nearest full hour rate.
A 15-minute ‘grace period’ will ensure that vehicles simply dropping off or picking up passengers or that have been unsuccessful in finding an available bay will not be charged.
The Pilot will test the concept, rules and technology on a small scale prior to Council making any further decisions on Visitor Paid Parking.
Share your feedback
We welcome your thoughts on the Visitor Paid Parking Pilot. To share your feedback or find out more, please visit:

You will also find additional information on using the app, parking ePermits and more via our website:

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Simon Brooks:
“Visitors only need to pay to park at the three Pilot sites. All other foreshores on the Peninsula remain unchanged. It is recommended that visitors download the PayStay app prior to their stay, however payments can also be made on the day via the PayStay website or via phone 1300 322 111.

“All payments are electronic and linked to the vehicle registration, so there will be no parking meters or paper tickets issued. Increased signage at all Pilot locations will ensure visitors and residents are aware of what to do when they arrive in the car parks.

“Revenue from the Pilot will be reinvested into maintaining our foreshores, as well as sustaining other services such as grass mowing, tree management and beach cleaning.
“ePermits to allow residents, businesses located within the pilot site and their staff to park free of charge at the three locations are now available on Council’s website. We also seek your feedback on how you find the e-permit registration process. Remember it is a trial and we need to test and refine, so your feedback is welcome.
“This Pilot will allow us to test the concept, technology and viability on a small scale. Any decision to roll the system out to other Council-managed foreshore car parks will not be made until a full assessment of the success or otherwise of this Pilot has been established.”

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