Victorian Government and Shire supporting COVIDSafe Peninsula

Published on 15 September 2021


Mornington Peninsula Shire has appointed two new COVID Education Officers for six months to help businesses, community groups and event organisers establish COVIDSafe plans and practices.
State government has partnered with local government to provide additional resources to help businesses and community groups protect customers, staff and the public.
COVID Education Officers will help local organisations keep up with changing requirements and implement practices to ensure they can operate safely.
The role of Education Officers is to:

  • help businesses, community groups and event organisers put in place or update their COVIDSafe plans
  • provide resources and templates to help with COVIDSafe plans and practices
  • promote COVIDSafe practices within hospitality, community venues and small retail settings.

For more information on staying COVIDSafe or to contact our COVID Education Officers, visit or phone 5950 1000 or 1300 850 600.
When it comes to COVID-19, we can’t afford to be complacent. Everyone must do their part so we can open up again.
Quotes attributable to Mayor, Despi O’Connor:
“Being aware of COVID-19 restrictions, having robust COVIDSafe plans and following the guidance of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer - including getting vaccinated as soon as possible - means we will be able to open up again sooner and hopefully enjoy the holiday period with friends and family.
"Widespread vaccination will mean fewer outbreaks and less need for restrictions - allowing our businesses to truly open up and get us back to a thriving local economy." 

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