Vibrant mural in Hastings speaks a thousand words

Published on 09 December 2022

hastings mural.jpg

The grey wall of Ritchies IGA on Salmon Street, Hastings has been transformed by Melbourne artist Julian Clavijo!
The 40-meter thought-provoking and colourful mural ‘Painting our Future’ was commissioned by Mornington Peninsula Shire to raise awareness and inspire community action on climate change.
Julian, a nationally and internationally renowned award-winning artist, was selected after a comprehensive EOI process in May this year.

Julian is a public artist, painter and sculptor. After graduating in 2011, he started exploring the possibility of translating his photorealistic oil painting technique on to mural painting at any scale. By mixing spray painting skills, commonly used in the world of street art, and the traditional brush work techniques almost resembling classical fresco murals, Julian achieves striking hyper-realistic results by painting murals at monumental scales in public spaces.

His art has both an environmental theme and empowers young people to visualise a world where they can make a difference.

Julian recognises the need for urgent change: “we, the global society, need a collective consciousness to bring back the balance in nature through sustainable living.”

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hastings mural.jpg

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Steve Holland:  
"Local residents have expressed to me how delighted and impressed they are with the new mural in Hastings. What was once a grey wall is now a vibrant, thought-provoking piece of art.
"Julian has done an incredible job. I encourage everyone to go check it out the next time you’re in the area!"

Quotes attributable to Cerberus Ward Councillor Lisa Dixon:
“Julian’s mural looks astounding and will create a dynamic atmosphere for this area of Hastings. It is a privilege the Peninsula is now home to this stunning mural. The power of what we can see on such a large scale, will hopefully inspire a change in us all."

Quotes attributable to Arts and Culture Advisory Panel Representee, Councillor Sarah Race:
“Julian is a formidable artistic talent – his use of vibrant colour and the powerful and uplifting messages portrayed in this mural speaks a thousand words about the impacts of climate change and our capacity to take action.”



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