Upgrading Peninsula preschools

Published on 10 October 2018


Mornington Peninsula Shire is working to improve and upgrade preschools across the Peninsula to help shape a brighter future for our growing children.

Earlier this week Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne joined by Seawinds Ward Councillors Antonella Celi, Frank Martin, Simon Brooks and Daniel Mulino MP, State Member for Eastern Victoria, in a visit to Waterfall Gully and Dromana preschools. 

Waterfall Gully preschool recently underwent a major upgrade to increase opportunities for physical activity, social interaction and to provide more accessible and integrated spaces within the kinder.

Works included:

  • Improved access between the kitchen, outdoor play areas and bathroom facilities
  • Increased storage and integrated facilities for each of the three and four-year-old areas
  • New staff and student bathroom facilities
  • Two movable benches to enable an expansion of space for children’s cooking programs
  • Access from the kitchen to the outdoor garden enabling greater access to herbs and vegetables to be used in the cooking programs
  • New arts sinks (wash basins) within the program room area enabling children to participate in setting up and cleaning up after their arts programs.

Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne said “this was an essential project for Council; Waterfall Gully is the largest pre-school on the Mornington Peninsula, servicing Rosebud and several neighbouring townships”.

Seawinds Ward Councillor Antonella Celi said “I’m very pleased to know that our 175 local children attending the preschool will benefit from the new facilities by providing the educators with greater flexibility to use the space and deliver fun and enriching learning outcomes”.

Seawinds Ward Councillor Frank Martin added “it’s fantastic to see this essential upgrade complete with new education infrastructure providing enhanced teaching and learning outcomes for our local kids”. 

Seawinds Ward Councillor Simon Brooks said “I’m sure the new and improved facility has been well-used since the renovations were complete and it was great to experience the preschool in action”.

The works were supported by the Victorian Government through a $283,000 grant from the Growing Suburbs Fund and an additional $215,000 in funding from the Shire.

The group also visited Dromana Preschool to mark the start of works to expand and upgrade the building to allow the pre-school service to grow from 22 to 33 children per session with the addition of a meeting room, new staff office, art sinks and children’s bathroom refurbishments. 

The service currently caters for one child with a physical disability and five children with intellectual needs who will benefit from the new and improved facilities for years to come.

As part of these works, the Shire will also improve the play room, staff facilities, kinder accommodation and a new entrance foyer to link both the Maternal and Child Health Centre and Preschool together as a single facility.

The upgrade is supported by the Victorian Government through a $200,000 grant from the Growing Suburbs Fund as well as a $25,000 Minor Capital Improvement Grant from the Department of Education and a $400,000 contribution from the Shire.

The Shire will also provide an additional $27,500 towards the installation of solar power and security access control.

For more information on projects taking place around the Shire, visit:mornpen.vic.gov.au/majorprojects

PICTURE CAPTION: Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne joined Seawinds Ward Councillors Simon Brooks, Antonella Celi, Frank Martin and staff and students at Dromana Preschool to mark the start of works to expand and upgrade the building.

L-R: Sarah Cottrill, Kate Peart, Simone Hellyer, Shire’s Team Leader Buildings and Open Space Sam Polatidis, Kate Ferguson, Seawinds Ward Councillor Frank Martin, Shire’s Project Manager Jarrod Filosa, Shire’s Manager Project Delivery Derek Rotter, Shire’s Team Leader Education and Care Suzy Stephens, Shire’s Executive Manager Infrastructure Climate Change and Energy Davey Smith, Shire’s Infrastructure Planner Rebecca Boreham, Liz Slattery, Shire’s Manager Family Services and Community Planning Louise Wilkins, Shire Mayor Councillor Bryan Payne, Daniel Mulino MP, State Member for Eastern Victoria, Seawinds Ward Councillor Simon Brooks, Seawinds Ward Councillor Antonella Celi joined by students Acacia, Ester, Silvia and Bonnie. 


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