Upcoming construction works at Mount Eliza’s former landfill site

Published on 03 March 2022


Works on the former landfill site at 450 Moorooduc Highway, Mount Eliza began this week.
The Northern and Southern Regional Parks were used as landfill for disposal of local municipal waste from the 1970s to mid-1990s. Since its closure, the Shire has been monitoring and rehabilitating the site for use as a public park.
This work has involved regular environmental surveys and reporting to State Government authorities, maintenance and rehabilitation based on survey results. As a continuation of this work and to comply with an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA Victoria) Post Closure Pollution Abatement Notice, extra rehabilitation and aftercare management works began this week.
The proposed works will remediate soil erosion in the Northern Regional Park area.
To prevent further erosion two swale drains will be constructed either side of the current vehicle access track from the creek crossing to near the western edge of the park.
Areas already eroded will be rehabilitated by covering them with topsoil, and then seeded (flat areas) or turfed (steeper areas).
The scope also includes materials testing and other requirements set by the Geotechnical Inspection and Testing Authority (GITA) to meet EPA Victoria’s guidelines.
The parks are currently open to the public and safe for leisure and recreational activities, however public access in some areas of the Northern Regional Park will be limited during construction works.  
Construction is scheduled for completion within six weeks, weather permitting. We will keep our community updated as the project progresses.
For further information contact Parteek Mittal on 03 5950 1015 Project Manager, Infrastructure Projects, Mornington Peninsula Shire.


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