The future of the Flinders, Mount Eliza and Portsea coastlines

Published on 22 February 2022


To help us prepare three new Coastal and Marine Management Plans, we are asking our community what they would like the future to look like for the Flinders, Mount Eliza and Portsea coastlines. We’re at the early stages of developing the Plans. This means we are gathering an understanding of what our community loves, what they would change and their ideas for the future of these areas. Each Plan will guide sustainable management of these iconic and valued coastlines for years to come.

This peaceful and charming seaside town has a rich Aboriginal and European history with significant sites across the coastal zone and many heritage places surrounding Flinders Pier. The waters are recognised as sensitive and significant ecosystems, providing habitat for unique marine life, further increasing its popularity as a place to swim, snorkel, boat and fish.

Flinders foreshore is loved by locals and visitors, however, with ageing infrastructure and facilities, changing conditions and coastal hazards like cliff erosion, there’s an opportunity to improve and activate this foreshore.

Mount Eliza*
With evidence of rich Aboriginal history and geological wonders, this is a special place. The coastline is made up of cliffs, headlands and bays intersected by creek systems, providing habitat for animals and plants. From peaceful clifftop walks and scenic beaches to yachting and boating, locals and visitors love spending their days here.

This coast is already facing impacts of climate change, including cliff and beach erosion hazards, and growing populations will further increase the pressures on this coastline.

Iconic Portsea is a popular destination for day-trippers, holiday-makers and homeowners. Its coastal reserves, from Police Point to Hemston Avenue include sandy beaches, low cliffs, rocky shores and the Point Franklin headland. Popular with snorkellers and divers, marine life can also be found in the seagrass, rocky reefs and further offshore.

Portsea’s foreshore has experienced change in recent years, highlighting the dynamic coastal environment presenting a range of management challenges. With ageing infrastructure and facilities, as well as increasing pressures from visitation, usage and development, there is an opportunity to improve and support how we use and enjoy this area.

How to provide feedback
Our website will allow you to drop a pin on an interactive map to highlight areas you like, want to improve or change. You can even share a favourite memory and upload a picture as part of your feedback. Go to

Hard copy feedback forms will be available from customer service centres on request.
This first round of initial community consultation will end 11 April 2022.

Quote attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:
"Whether you're a full-time resident or occasional visitor, we want to hear what you love about the Flinders, Mount Eliza, and Portsea coasts.
"We want to know: What do you love about these areas? What is your vision for these areas? What would you change about the current management of these areas?
"Sustainable and balanced management is essential in caring for these areas into the future. We will use your feedback to shape the draft Plans, which will be available for public comment later in the year."

*Please note a separate community consultation relating specifically to Sunnyside nudist beach will begin in March.


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