The Wheels on the bus go... Too slowly!

Published on 16 September 2022


An incredible 82 per cent of the Peninsula is not serviced by public transport.  

We cannot catch a regular bus or a train to or from most of the places we work, live and socialise on the Peninsula.

So, it is unsurprising only three per cent of Peninsula residents use public transport. This appalling lack of service is unacceptable and we are enraged about this!

We desperately need a cross-Peninsula bus service between Hastings and Mornington. This 18km journey across the Peninsula, via Frankston, currently takes nearly two hours by bus.

We also need more frequent express bus services to cut journey times and make public transport an attractive option for commuters. 

The long timeframe for rail electrification onto the Peninsula makes reliable and accessible bus services crucial.

This is not just a transport issue! It's also an accessibility issue and one of fairness and equity. We all deserve to be able to access work, school and essential services by public transport.  

There are significant levels of social and economic disadvantage on the Peninsula which are worsened by a dependency on private vehicles. 

Better public transport will mean reduced carbon emissions as well as better connectivity and access to jobs, education, services and amenity across the Peninsula.

Our proposal for public transport includes: 


  • A more reliable, faster and more frequent express bus route to connect our major towns with Frankston train station. 
  • A zero emissions cross-Peninsula bus service from Hastings to Mornington, including interchanges to connect with the express route and the proposed Mornington to Docklands ferry service. 

Rail network: 

  • Funding for rail electrification from Frankston to Langwarrin and Hastings, and integration of a bus transport hub to support this. 
  • Interim improvements in the service frequency on the Stony Point line, to at least 20 minutes during peak periods and 40 minutes off-peak. 
  • An upgrade of train stations to improve safety, amenity, accessibility, and active transport connections. 

We deserve better! Join us in shouting out to your local member. Shout out for a cross-Peninsula bus service. Shout out for better public transport. 

Demand better. Act now. Visit:

Quotes attributable to Mayor, Anthony Marsh:

“Nearly two hours for a bus ride between Mornington and Hastings is unacceptable, particularly when it would take about an hour to ride a bike between the two towns. We demand better for our travelling community. Young people attending schools, elderly attending essential services and those without means to a private vehicle deserve to be able to get around and participate in daily life. We demand better from the Victorian Government – better and more frequent bus services and funding for the long-awaited electrification of the rail line beyond Frankton.” 

“Better public transport on the Peninsula would provide much needed opportunities for residents to connect to important activity centres in Hastings, Rosebud, Mornington and Frankston. These activity centres will not only be much more vibrant places with better and more frequent public transport options but will also experience economic benefit.



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