The Peninsula Family Adventure Challenge – bringing families together

Published on 15 February 2022

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Late last year families were invited to participate in activities over the summer holidays as part of the Peninsula Family Adventure Challenge.
The Challenge required families to register as a team and complete six weeks of family challenges.
Some of the activities included: water wars at home, cooking a meal together, collecting a bag of rubbish from a local reserve, park or beach, having a local picnic – just to name a few.
We are thrilled to have received over 90 entries and 60 photo submissions.
The main prize winner was Rachael Maddock who participated in all six challenges. Rachel’s efforts won her and her family a weekend away to the Big 4 Queenscliff including a family pass to Adventure Park Geelong and a Searoad Ferries pass.
To view all the winners visit:
Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Anthony Marsh:
“Thank you to all the families who participated in the Peninsula Family Adventure Challenge and congratulations to our winners!
“We hope this challenge gave families the opportunity to get out and about, have fun and connect in creative ways.
“We have received a lot of great feedback about how the competition helped families overcome the extended lockdown and how it’s brought families closer together. See some of this positive feedback below”.
Glowing feedback from families:
“We donated food to our local grow free cart on Dunns Road, Mornington. The neighbour who organised it donates this food frequently to the information centre in Mornington. We donate food regularly to lots of different food drive charities, my girls know we are much more fortunate than some and it gives them a greater understanding of people’s diversities.”
“Picking plums from our tree to drop to our neighbours and friends who are in isolation.”
“Obstacle courses have been a huge part of our 2020/2021 lockdown activities. When I mentioned this week’s family challenge, the girls spent 15 minutes to come up with the course which now includes their Christmas playground. They think about going up, through, over and under but the best part is they like to do it as a team and help each other with the trickier obstacles.”
“We made our own pasta together, it's not something we had ever done before and we enjoyed competing with each other to make the longest piece of pasta.”
“We went snorkelling! It was great exercise and was a fun activity the whole family enjoyed.”

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