Peninsula shines at Australia’s 2019 AGFG Chefs Hat restaurant awards

Published on 29 January 2019


The Mornington Peninsula has featured prominently at the recent Australian Good Food Guide Chef’s Hat awards with a total of 9 businesses receiving awards out of just 92 presented Victoria-wide.

This is an outstanding result for Peninsula tourism and the Shire congratulates all winning local businesses on their success.

“Our region continues to deliver great experiences in the Wine, Food, Farmgate space”, said Tracey Cooper, Chairman of Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism. “We are delighted to have almost 10% of Victoria’s hatted businesses located in our region. It is certainly something to be proud of, and a credit to the local chefs that love our fresh produce and continue to delight their guests. The Mornington Peninsula dining scene is constantly changing and evolving, and we look forward to seeing what our innovative chefs do in the coming year”.

The AGFG Chef’s Hat awards have been presented to talented chefs around Australia since 1982 and are different in that they purely recognise excellence in restaurant food. The awards focus on six key areas including; ingredients, taste, presentation, technique, value and consistency. With such a focus on food rather than setting, décor, service and wine, they are an award much coveted by chefs.

The awards are a result of careful deliberation by AGFG appointed inspectors that dine anonymously and follow the ‘Michelin’ model of rating that aims to avoid standardisation and encourages creativity. Scores follow the traditional French rating system and are out of 20, with ‘hats’ being delivered for scores above 12. One hat is awarded for a score of 12 or13, two hats for 14 or 15, three hats for 16 or 17, and four hats for 18 or 19. Interestingly, since the awards inception a score of 20 has never been awarded.

The culinary benchmark was set high for the 2019 Chef Hat season and the Mornington Peninsula achieved the following:

3 hats (16 points):

2 hats (15 points):

2 hats (14 points):


1 hat (13 points)

1 hat (12 points)

The Dining Room at Lindenderry also won an AGFG Readers Choice Award for Vineyard Restaurant. The Readers Choice Awards are based on the reviews and the opinions of the dining public, who generously send in their comments throughout the year to determine the results. This year AGFG also rewarded The Ding Room and Cape with recognition as a Notable Opening/ Newcomer status.

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