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Published on 07 January 2022


We’d like to know what you think about our plan to safely manage wastewater on the Mornington Peninsula. Looking after our wastewater systems means contaminants don’t end up in our parks, gardens and waterways.
If septic systems are not well maintained, wastewater may unintentionally end up in our environment, including the places we play and swim.
The Shire adopted its Wastewater Management Policy in 2013 to address the environmental and public health risks posed by residential and commercial wastewater on the Peninsula. This Policy was developed with significant input from environment groups and the local wastewater industry. 
We have updated our Wastewater Management Policy and would like your input. Some topics we’d like you to comment on are:

  • sampling of waterways for contaminants
  • compliance for failing septic systems
  • preventing septic failure
  • connecting to sewer 
  • septic handover during change of property ownership 
  • installation requirements for septic systems
  • maintenance records.

To see the draft policy and provide comment, visit

Community consultation is open until 10 March 2022.
Quotes attributable to Mayor, Anthony Marsh:
“We’d like to know your thoughts on our plan to manage the Peninsula’s wastewater. We look forward to hearing your views and presenting the final Wastewater Management Policy in the coming months.
“There are many things we can do to improve the way we deal with wastewater on the Peninsula including raising awareness of septic systems and the necessary maintenance to keep them working properly. Another option is for property owners to connect to mains sewer, where it is available.
“We look forward to working with our community on better managing wastewater to ensure we keep our environment and our people healthy and well.”


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