Telecommunication facilities to be installed throughout the Peninsula

Published on 15 January 2019


Mornington Peninsula Shire has been advised that a fourth mobile phone provider in Australia has been announced, and the telecommunications company is looking to roll out mobile phone facilities across the Mornington Peninsula.

As part of the rollout throughout the Mornington Peninsula, the provider plans to deliver the service via a mix of traditional ‘macro’ mobile phone base stations and ‘small cell’ facilities.

These facilities will be installed around activity centres and main transport corridors, and potentially required in residential areas.

It is proposed that approximately 90 small cells are planned to be installed on existing public utility structures, including power and light poles, wholly within the road reserves across the Mornington Peninsula. Exact locations are yet to be confirmed.

The Shire will ensure to keep the community and affected stakeholders informed as the installations take place. 

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