Taste Stay Play: discover the magic of the Mornington Peninsula!

Published on 28 March 2024

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This autumn and winter, Mornington Peninsula Shire is excited to announce its newest tourism initiative: The Magical Mornington Peninsula – Taste, Play, Stay campaign.
In collaboration with local tourism businesses, The Magical Mornington Peninsula is a showcase of experiences that embody the core of Taste, Play and Stay.
Running through April to July, this campaign invites both the community and visitors to explore further and stay longer, designed to help counter seasonal visitor fluctuations, and inspire year-round exploration.
Taste: Start your day with the irresistible aromas of freshly prepared local cuisine at our cafes. Explore an assortment of artisanal treats, the finest seafood, and dishes that showcase the best in farm-to-table dining. Featuring special deals like 2 for 1 offers and half price cocktails, your culinary journey will delight.
Play: The Magical Mornington Peninsula entices with encounters of local wildlife, from the playful Bottlenose Dolphins and Australian Fur Seals in Port Phillip Bay to the serene Koalas and Kangaroos in our national parks. For those seeking to relax, local hot springs offer the ultimate escape, while adrenaline seekers will find no shortage of excitement with activities like horse riding, tree, and sea surfing, and more.
Stay: Extend your magical journey with accommodation that cater to every preference and budget, from luxurious villas to cosy hotel suites. Special offers, including complimentary breakfasts and discounted rates, make your stay even more enticing.
For more inspiration and to plan your visit to The Magical Mornington Peninsula, head to our website mornpen.vic.gov.au/magicalmornpen.
Follow our Visitor Information Centre on Facebook @MornPenVisitorCentre to explore further, stay longer, and savour the ultimate Taste, Play, Stay experiences.

Quotes attributable to Mayor Councillor Simon Brooks:

“The Magical Mornington Peninsula campaign is a forward-thinking initiative that drives economic growth and supports our local businesses. By inviting visitors to taste, play, and stay, we're not just promoting tourism; we're investing in the future of our region.

“By showcasing the diverse offerings of The Mornington Peninsula through this campaign, we not only boost our local economy but also invite visitors to discover the beauty and heart of our region. This initiative is a proud moment for us all and a testament to what we can achieve together.”

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